Sinder 1: Experimentation by Jane Devreaux ~ Review & Giveaway

Sinder 1: Experimentation by Jane Devreaux



A rumor can make you popular and it can make you dangerous. A rumor can change everything.

Her black, too large eyes with too much makeup have already made shudder more than one. It has been said that her parents are in jail; that she beat up to death a guy who dared to make fun of her name. She is Sandre River.

He’s the handsome popular football player. The one going out with the gorgeous and too prude Marcy Shepard; the one who has all girls drooling over him. He is Josh Anderson.

Sandre will never admit she likes him.

Josh will never admit his hormones are boiling.

A single provocation from Sandre will be enough to turn their lives upside down. “You want my advice? Get yourself a girl, whichever one, empty your balls, and turn your brain back on.”

Who would have imagined that those words could lead to an incredible love story?


Panty Scorching-4


Angst- 3.5



Overall Rating- 4

Reviewed by: Jen

I’ve never read a book by Jane Devreaux before and was excited to see what she had in store. I was not disappointed! Jane is a new author to me  and she will clearly be on my radar as I look forward to more stories from her!  Sinder- Experimentation caught me by surprise and I kept finding myself thinking about the story long after I put it down.

The story revolves around Sandre, the high school outcast who won’t allow anyone to get close to her, and Josh the high school popular jock with the beautiful perfect virgin girlfriend. Sandra always had a crush on Josh but it didn’t mean anything as she felt and made herself invisible to everyone specially Josh.  Although Josh appears to have it all there is one thing that he is constantly wanting and trying desperately hard to get. When the two characters are partnered up to work on a project, what was thought to be a short interaction to get the assignment done, turns into an eye opening experience. Sandra realizes that the perfect relationship between Josh and his girlfriend is not all that perfect at all. Once she recognizes this she offers Josh the one thing he so desperately wants- a no strings attached physical discovery and a release they both so desperately want. What was suppose to be a non-emotional fun time turns into something else when they both start to see one another in an unexpected way.

“I feel the loneliness she’s erected like a fortress against the world surrounding her. She drives us apart but I wish there was nothing to keep us apartment anymore. It might seems crazy, we are nothing, and yet I want to be here for her. I need her as much as she needs me. I don’t know what it is between us, but it’s not just sex.”

I am so glad I read this book- it was fast paced, emotional, and just one of those books that you can’t stop thinking about. As soon as I read that last page I immediately starting looking for where I can find the next installment. I can’t wait for the sequel to be released in English- I want more- I need more!!

Jenny (1)

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