Get To Know Joanna


Hi my name is Jen! I absolutely love to read and am really excited to start this new adventure of blogging with these other amazing smut-brarians! As far back as I can remember I was obsessed with reading. I remember when clothes shopping with my mom she used to give me a book and I would sit under the hanging clothes reading my book and getting lost in the story. Things haven’t changed much since then except I now don’t hide under the clothes while reading. You will never see me without my kindle- it’s either in my hands or close by in my purse. Although my kindle brings me much joy, I like to go old school and read paperback too. If I fall in love with a book then I HAVE to buy it in paperback. I love to read new adult and young adult, romantic comedy, but my true love is the smut filled erotica genre. Some other random tidbits about myself – I have two crazy kids who (in my eyes) are the coolest people. You will always hear music being played in my house, I love soft pretzels, and I’ve never had a drop of coffee in my life!! No joke, I am a tea loving girl. I absolutely hate running however I do it because it’s my excuse to listen to audio books and despite my hatred for running I plan on running with the bulls in Spain (bucket list item baby!) 

Favorite Authors

Meghan Quinn

M. Robinson

River Savage

S.C. Stephenson

Marie Force

K. Bromberg

Harper Sloan

Meredith Wild

Favorite Books/Series

Hot-Lanta Series- Meghan Quinn

The Virgin Romance Novelist- Meghan Quinn

Record Series- K.A. Linde

Thoughtless Series- S.C. Stephenson

Real, Ripped, and Mine- Katy Evans

50 Shades of Grey- E.L. James

Filthy Beautiful Lies Series- Kendall Ryan

Raw- Bella Aurora

With Me Series- Kristen Proby

The Hacker Series- Meredith Wild

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