Seeking Justice by Rivi Jacks ~ Review


Young investigative reporter, Cait Shaw, is not happy about her new assignment; investigating what she deems to be a “seedy” part of Chicago’s more questionable businesses. But her editor seems to have a personal vendetta against the elusive Mr. Justice, leaving Cait with little say in the matter.

Cait is especially shocked and conflicted by her attraction to the irresistible charms of Liam Justice. Liam is like no man she has ever known and she is totally captivated and unprepared for the sinfully erotic, passionate affair they enter into.

As her world is turned upside down, Cait must cope with her growing affection for Liam and his shadowed past.


Panty Scorching-5
Angst- 2
Overall Rating- 5

What a wonderful and refreshing story. Has some “mystery” along with a lot of “hot steamy sex”.

I love the relationship and the chemistry between Cait and Liam.
Liam Justice, rich business owner that Cait Shaw who is a reporter has started working for Liam to try to get some “inside” information on the business. As early as the interview for the job, you can feel the chemistry between the two of them.
Once the relationship begins, she is torn with either continuing to investigate him for the magazine, or continue to see where the relationship can lead. (well I can tell you, it leads to some steamy sex)

Yes, there will be another story of Cait and Liam, and it does leave you wanting more, and I am WANTING MORE! Now.

I highly recommend this story. This is the first story I have read by Rivi and it won’t be the last.



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Rivi Jacks has a lifelong love of books, and she is a true believer in holding on to a good love story. One reason her attic and barn are full of the books she has collected through the years.
She lives in the Missouri Ozarks on a farm with her husband, and when not writing or reading, she likes to take long walks down country roads, cook, fish, and spend time with family and friends.


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