Rage by Kaylee Song ~ Release Day Blitz & Review

Rage_Textchange_10Death. Destruction. Rage.

Layla moved a thousand miles to escape the brutality and vengeance of the club. Of the man who stole her heart. But she was forged in the club and she will never be as free as she believed…

When her brother is murdered, death brings her right back into the clutches of the club – and under the watchful eye of Cullen “Rage” McFadden, her first love.

Cullen “Rage” McFadden wants vengeance for his best friend’s murder more than anything in the world. The only thing that could distract him is Layla. Loving her has never brought him anything but pain. She could be his undoing, but he doesn’t care. He has to have her.

Can Layla resist the temptation he represents, or will he drag her down into his world one more time?

Note: This is a dark and gritty MC romance. It is a stand alone title with no cliffhanger and a HEA ending in a series. There is some violence and adult content.


Storyline: 4
Angst: 1
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 4
Over All Rating: 4 Stars
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Robin

Layla is heading back to her hometown for the first time in years. Not for a visit but to bury her brother who was in the Fire and Steel MC. She thought she had escaped the MC at age 15 when her fatherpassed away, and she moved to Chicago. Cullen “Rage”, her brother’s best friend and her ex, agrees with the President “Bones” that Layla needs the MC’s protection after a threatening note is found on her brother’s body and has to stay.

“What the hell was I doing here? I ran my fingers through my hair. This was insane. Seriously, staying here because I might be in some kind of danger? I doubted whoever killed my brother even knew who I was.”

I enjoyed this story quite a bit. You have the Irish Mob, multiple MCs and jealous high school rivals. Layla is like the princess returning back to her MC family after a short stay away. I loved Cullen’s protectiveness of his girl and wanting to avenge his best friend’s death. The methodical steps they take to go after the ones they think are responsible keeps you guessing. You continually wonder when they are forced to work with other factions if they will be double crossed. Is there an enemy within?

I hope we hear more about the Fire and Steel MC or even a book about the Irish Mob. Somehow I know we haven’t heard the last from some of these guys. Perhaps I need to help avenge Layla’s brother’s death. Deep thoughts…make a to do list, kick some ass, take some names….



Layla Teaser

Cullen cares



Author Bio

Kaylee calls the Chesapeake Bay Area her home. She loves the water, the city life, and the beautiful Appalachian countryside. You can find her with her rescue animals and her husband on any given day, reading on her balcony, or snuggled up on the couch with a book in her hand.

Website: www.KayleeSong.com
Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/S8bPP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorKayleeSong

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