Drive Me Wild by Shari Slade ~ Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway

unnamedDrive Me Wild
Shari Slade
The Devil’s Host MC #3
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Serialunnamed2

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His club is demanding answers. His sister is missing. Noah needs to draw on every ounce of strength in that muscled body. It’s not the time for him to let anyone see he’s more than fists and ink.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the man behind the cold, hard mask. Something like caring. Something like kindness. I live for those moments.

He might die for them.

DRIVE ME WILD is Part 3 of 5. The wildly erotic journey started with RIDE ME HARD and will continue in August with HOLD ME DOWNThese are short, hot reads, sure to leave you panting for more.

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Storyline: 5
Angst: 4
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 4
Over All Rating: 4.5 Stars
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Jenny and Robin

Drive Me Wild is part three in the Devil’s Host MC series. This gritty MC book continues as with Star being questioned by the MC about what happened when the President was killed.  Noah and Stone are on trial with the brotherhood and cannot go after Noah’s sister who was “taken”.  Star is having trouble with Noah being threatened. Noah just wants to protect and take care of Star and his sister, Jules. Is Noah going to survive the “brotherhood”?

Robin:  Awwwww!!! Noah feeds her. I am in love. Little hearts are popping above my head. Any alpha that takes care of his girl that way….le sigh.

Jen:  Oh I know!!! SWOON!! A man that feeds and pulls hair to let us know who’s in control! Ugh I love him. I loved that Star is starting to get as territorial to Noah as he is to her….

Robin: I couldn’t believe Star got all mouthy to Noah!!! That shocked me. You want to stick close to him but jeepers! Have a death wish much?

Jen:  Hahaha I know as I was reading it I wanted to go and personally shut her mouth (and make out with Noah) I loved how he put her in her place. Um can I just say I had a feeling things were going to be crazy when she asked to go into the diner…

Robin:  I agree! All my alarms were going off as soon as he needed to pee. Are you two??? What the hell? We’ve got places to be…stinky bikers to get away from…

Jen:  Exactly! I was like um, we women always have to pee on road trips…. Something is not right!!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!! Hurry, Shari, hurry!!!

Other Books in the Devil’s Host MC Serial…

unnamed3Break Me In
Shari Slade
The Devil’s Host MC #2
Publication Date: June 1, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Serial

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Synopsis: “Do you get what you deserve?”

Under his hands or on the back of his bike–the freedom I feel with Noah is an illusion.

“No, baby. You get what you take and you keep what you can hold.”

He ties me to him with fear and obligation and lust. Binds us tighter with his twisted sense of honor. I just hope his chains are strong enough to keep me safe.

BREAK ME IN is Part 2 of 5. The wildly erotic journey continues July 1st with DRIVE ME WILDThese are short, hot reads, sure to leave you panting for more.

Add to Goodreadsunnam4edRide Me Hard
by Shari Slade
The Devil’s Host MC #1
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Genres: ContemporaryRomanceSerial

FREE: Amazon • B&N • Kobo • iBooks

Synopsis: When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy’s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift, covered in tattoos and looking at me like I’m on the menu, I should flip the open sign to closed. But I don’t, because I’m too used to doing what I’ve been told. Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different. A closed sign wouldn’t stop him anyway. He’s here to collect a debt. And I’m the only one left to pay.

Author’s Note: Ride Me Hard is part one in the Devil’s Host MC serial.

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About Shari Slade


Shari Slade is a snarky optimist. A would-be academic with big dreams and very little means. When she isn’t toiling away in the non-profit sector, she’s writing gritty stories about identity and people who make terrible choices in the name of love (or lust). Somehow, it all works out in the end. If she had a patronus it would be a platypus.

Frequently found in a blanket fort, you can also find her contributing at wonkomance and on facebook, twitter (mostly SFW) or tumblr (mostly NSFW).

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