Team Lucas by Ally Adams ~ Blog Tour & Review

Team Lucas CoverNew Adult Contemporary Romance
Release: July 1, 2015
Publisher: Atlas Books

Available on Amazon

“I want to stay forever… I want to have you for as long as I can have you Lucas, even if that is a week or a year or a decade.”

Mia Carter never thought getting suspended from her part-time job for having attitude could be the best thing to ever happen … maybe.

When Lucas Ainswright—one of the world’s biggest sporting stars—needs a minder, it just so happens that attitude is just what is needed to keep Lucas in line.

Now Mia’s job is to manage the sporting world’s bad boy and keep him at the top of his game for the season. Game on!


Storyline: 5
Angst: 4
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 3.5
Kindle eARC
Over All Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Robin

Team Lucas had all the requirements for a sexy read. Hot soccer captain, Lucas, with a bad attitude? Check. Feisty physio student, Mia, hired to be his babysitter? Check. Sexual tension? Check. Will Mia last longer than any other “minder” for Lucas and keep him on the straight and narrow?

“’I prefer blonds and bigger tits,’ Lucas Ainswright said in a posh British accent as he opened the front door of his multi-million mansion on Laguna Beach to find me and his manager, James, on the doorstep.

‘Ah, the agency was out of those.’ I smirked at him. ‘I prefer blonds too but it seems the only egotistical, addicted assholes available this week were all brunets.’

Off to a fine start, the love was flowing between us.”

I would have to say if I were Mia, I would have kicked Lucas in the nuts and left before the first week was over. Lucas screws everything that moves while she has to listen to the sounds of sex and endure his insults and snide comments. I did like it that Mia would stand up for herself and tell Lucas where to go when it got out of hand. The witty banter between the two of them and the healing of Lucas made this book one I could not put down. I am really having a hard time functioning at work. I was caught up in the back and forth between them and had to find out what would happen next.

In a nutshell, Team Lucas is a cute new adult book with sporty guys and loyal friends. If you look for that and a guy with a British accent (how could I forget that?!?) then you’ll enjoy Lucas and his bad boy ways.

About the Author

Ally Adams is a journalist who lives in coastal Victoria, Australia with her husband and furry friends. She is a literature major, romance reader and writer.

Website – Facebook – Twitter – GoodreadsAmazon


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