Tatiana’s Charms 3: The Tatiana Series by Elaine Wood ~ Release Blitz

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After returning home from her harrowing experiences in Negril, Jamaica, Tatiana settles backinto her summer routine of writing, deep self-reflection and long evenings with Shonn. It is a time for relaxing with both new and old friends and Tatiana must finally make her choice between the men who hold her heart. Who will she choose? The muscular, world travelling, hella-fine, sweetheart from her college days; or, the gorgeous, hunky alpha male who can do unimaginable things to her body and her mind without ever touching her. And what of her protector, her voice of reason; he promised he would always be there for her. Will he keep that promise?

Find out how Rodney, Quan and Shonn move forward in their lives based on the chances, the choices, and the charms of our beautiful diva, Tatiana.

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“….Now, tell me what you’re wearing right now.” His voice gets a little sexy there at the end.

“Is that why you called? To find out what I’m wearing? You’re a nut!” I start giggling at him.

“Of course that’s why I called. As hot as you are mama, I know you’re looking fine tonight!” he adopts a smooth attitude to his voice.

“All right, if you want to know that bad, pimp daddy, I’ll tell you.” I tease. “I’m wearing a white babydoll set that is almost sheer enough to see thru,” I say staring at my old grey, oversized gym shirt.

“Ooh, that sounds sexy baby,” croons pimp daddy.

“Yes, pimp daddy, and the little baby panties are thongs.” I say to string him along.

“Wow! That sounds hot. Are you sure you’re not wearing an old grey tee-shirt, mama?”

I whip my head around looking for him but he’s nowhere in sight. How can he possibly know what I’m wearing unless he can see me? “What?” I say incredulously. I slide off the bed and peek around outside my bedroom door.

“Oh, you won’t find me over there sweet mama.” He is fully teasing me now and I know he must be in the house but I cannot find him in the kitchen. “You are getting warmer though.” He says.

“I cannot believe you tricked me! Where are you?” I ask still searching the house.

“Still getting warmer love.” He gives me these little hints to keep me on my toes and to find him.

“Where are you Quan?” I ask into the cell as much as to the house. “I know you must be hiding somewhere in here.”

“You’re still getting warmer mama.” He almost whispers this last time. As I approach the theater room door, I feel my anticipation grow with each step. I open the door and stand face to face with the handsome Quan. “See mama, I told you that you are hot!” He scoops me into his arms and plants a very intense kiss on my lips.

“Well, I am now, suga!” I say demurely in his ear then I flick out my tongue and tag his earlobe lightly with the tip. “Now that you’ve tricked me, pimp daddy, what are your plans for me?” I whisper, seductively, in his ear.

“What would you like to do with me, hot mama? We could watch some porn in this great theater room.” He nuzzles my neck as he lays me down across two of the oversized chairs and finds a nice comfortable way to lay on top of me.

“We could get just a bit more comfortable.” I say to him as I nuzzle my nose against his lips. I reach under my back for the remote and press a combination of buttons. Almost instantly we hear the whirring of a machine. The wall is opening up to reveal a hidden room, filled just about wall to wall with a king size bed and a full view of the huge theater screen in the main room.

Quan’s mouth hangs open with amazement. “What in the hell is that?” he asks, completely surprised.

“It’s a bed, suga.” I say matter of fact.

“Babe, I know what it is but what is the purpose of that little room and did you have that thing built or was it already a part of the house?” He disentangles himself from me and gets up to check it out.

“I had it built. It’s a safe room. I use it during storms. You know; hurricanes, tornadoes. That kind of thing. It is powered through the house but I can bypass that and run it from the generator. There is a kitchen, a bathroom and a sitting area. It’s stocked for the hurricane season with canned goods and water for two weeks.” I give him the tour of the small area in less than two minutes.

“I have never seen anything quite like this. You are a surprising woman, Tatiana Kimball.” He announces this as he checks out the walls and the generator. “This is really incredible, Tati.” He’s looking at the crank powered radio, the hand tools in case I have to dig myself out of a collapsed house, boxes of candles and lanterns and stacks of towels, toilet paper in zip lock bags, liquid soap, bleach, stick lighters in zip lock bags and several small notebooks and pens in zip locks. “Damn woman! This set up is amazing. You’re brilliant.”

“Thank you, Quan. Come with me.” I lead him to the bed and invite him to sit next to me. “Now, what did you say you were going to do with me?” I lay back on the numerous pillows and he does not miss a beat as he reaches his hand under my shirt and gently squeezes a plump breast.

pizap.com14385660601532 black bkTatiana’s Charms 3


Tatiana’s Choice 2


Tatiana’s Chance




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