Character Interviews with Brenda Tetreault’s Nightshade Men & Giveaway

I’m sitting down with the men of Nightshade- Roman, Caius, Caine, and his brother, Gideon. Let me say, ladies, that the testosterone in the room is off the charts! These four men simply exude sex appeal! There’s tall, lean, and dark Roman, whose French accent just massages the ears like silk, and the blue eyed Caius whose quiet intensity makes you shiver in your boots. Then there are brothers Caine and Gideon. Blonde and tawny-eyed Caine is a man of quiet strength and reserve, while Gideon gives of a fun and lively vibe.

Hello, gentlemen. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to allow readers to get to know you a little better.

Roman: “I think I speak for everyone here when I say that it is our pleasure.”

(Nods and smiles of agreement come from all around. The wattage on these smiles would make a nun’s panties melt!)

Clearing my throat, I pull myself together and press on.

Roman Arceneaux, your club, Nightshade, has the reputation as the Casablanca of the preternatural world. Would you care to explain why?

Roman- “Nightshade caters be the supernatural and human denizens of the city. Most humans that come to the club are unaware that they may be sharing drinks or dancing with a Vampir or other Immortal; they are completely innocent of the other world around them. As such, these innocents need protecting, and at Nightshade, there is no hunting, bartering or coercion of humans allowed. Nightshade is neutral territory and the humans within its walls are off limits.”


Well, I know where I’ll be going for me next nightcap!

Roman: “You’re welcome to be my guest anytime you wish.”


Thank you! I’ll let you know. Now, let’s get to the next question: If you had the chance to be 100% human, would you take it?

Roman- “No. Absolutely not. Being totally human means I would have a finite lifespan, and I cannot bear the thought of Sabrina spending the rest of her existence alone and lonely.”

Caine- “Yes. There’s no way I could live an eternity without my little Siren.”

Gideon– *Shaking his head* “Gianna would kill me.”

(Laughter all around; Gianna, Gideon’s wife can be rather willful and stubborn.)

Caius- “Only if Wren became human, too.”


Roman, if you weren’t the owner of Nightshade, what would you be doing instead?

Roman: “I’d be living in France, running my family’s vineyard. But then again, if I didn’t own Nightshade, I would never have met Sabrina.”


What about the rest of you? If your lives hadn’t taken the turns they had, what would you be doing now?

Caine: “Serving time for murder.”

Caius: “Forgotten, entirely.”

Gideon: “I’d still be doing what I do- helping women and children get away from the men who threaten them.”


Gideon, are you saying that nothing has changed since you and Gianna came to your senses?

Gideon: “There have been changes. For example, Gianna has given me a place to call home, something I’ve not had in a very long time. She also joins me on some missions, and when she doesn’t, she makes sure that my halfway houses are well stocked and ready at a moment’s notice. Gianna isn’t just my wife, she’s my partner.”

(Le Sigh. If you could see the way his beautiful blue eyes go all soft when he talks about his wife…)


*Clearing throat again- is it warm in here?* Describe your perfect night with your ladies…

Roman: “Sabrina prefers to stay at home, so I’ll order in her favorite Chinese dishes and rent a movie. We crash on the couch, eat dinner and watch the movie. It’s cozy, comfortable and simple.”

Caine: “Anything Gaela and I plan usually ends up including our daughter, Ava, so things stay pretty G-rated until Ava goes to bed.”

Caius: “Wren and I tend to be homebodies, as well. (Laughing) I guess you could say we’re pretty boring.”

Gideon: “Gianna likes the human world, so when she’s feeling restless, we usually end up going into the city and hitting every nightclub possible so she can dance and watch the humans. She also enjoys room service. Which means we get a room at some posh hotel so she can be pampered and spoiled by yours truly, which entails massages, bubble baths and making love until we’re both exhausted.”

Caine: “I can’t believe you went there. Talk about TMI.”

(Gideon shrugs and grins at his brother.)

Gideon: “Please. That’s exactly the kind of answer she was looking for.”


Um, he‘s right, actually; my readers love to know all the intimate details of their favorite men’s lives. For example, what is the one thing your woman can do that is guaranteed to drive you crazy?

Roman: “Give me a lap dance.”

Caius: “All Wren has to do is touch me, and I want her.”

Caine: “A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.”

Gideon: “Do you always have to be such a spoil sport? I mean, let me tell you, there’s this thing that Gianna does with her tongue…”

Caine: “Dude. Don’t even go there. No one wants to think about your naked ass having sex. Least of all me.”


Speaking of your women. What first drew you to them?

Roman: “I saw Sabrina across the room, and she was so beautiful that the first thought I had was that a goddess had come slumming among the mortals. I had to find out who she was, and then I learned that she wasn’t just beautiful, but smart, strong, and incredibly brave.”

Caine: “It sometimes feels as if I’ve loved Gaela forever; she’s always been a part of my life. Thank God she knew what she wanted; because I was too stupid to recognize the wonderful gift she was offering me.”

Caius: (Laughing) I knew the moment I saw Wren walking in my mother’s rose garden. She’s such a tiny little thing that when I hold her, I feel like the most powerful man in Creation.”

Gideon: “Actually, I’d had a sweet tooth for Gianna for a while before she and I hooked up. She’s got these long legs and a mouth that could tempt a saint, and hell, who can resist those big amethyst eyes of hers; looking up at you as she whispers about all the dirty things she’s going to do to you?”


So you’re basically saying that it was sexual chemistry that drew you in the beginning?

Gideon: “Hell yeah. Of course, that was before we knew what we knew.”

Caine: “Gaela and I were friends first, and it was a long time before we became lovers, and even then, I wasn’t ready to admit how much she meant to me.” *Shrugging* “What can I say? I was stupid.”

Caius: “It was definitely sexual chemistry- for both of us. We couldn’t keep our hands of each other from the start.”

Roman: “No question about it; Sabrina was my one and only temptation.”


It sounds like Sabrina, Wren, Gaela, and Gianna are four very lucky women! Can you sum up how they make you feel in just one word?

Roman: “Hmmm…Fulfilled.”

Caine: “Heroic.”

Caius: “Unworthy.”

Gideon: “Fortunate.”

*Sigh* Our time is up. I hope everyone has enjoyed this little interview. If you want to know more about these sexy, gorgeous, amazing men, check out The Nightshade Series by Brenda Tetreault. Oh, and Roman? I’ll be seeing you soon!

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Fated Sexy

About The Author

12170655_10205328161383207_1412258804_nBrenda Tetreault grew up on the southern Oregon coast.

All through school, she wrote but put it aside when a school counselor informed her that, while she had a nice little hobby, she would never be good enough at it to pay the bills. After a short stint in the Air Force, during which she met and married her husband, Brenda settled down to be a military wife and the mother of a precocious little boy. She began writing again in her mid-thirties and in 2009 her first book, The Witcher Legacy: Book One of The Bounty Cove Chronicles was finally published.

In 2012 Brenda completed her first paranormal romance series, The Bounty Cove Chronicles, and is currently working on an entirely new series. On September 23, 2013, ‘Tempted’, the first book in The Nightshade Series was released through Kindle Direct Publishing, and was followed up with the second book in the series, ‘Salvaged’, on May 16, 2014. ‘Beloved’, the third in the series, followed soon after on October 28, 2014.

Today, Brenda is enjoying a small amount of success, and has even begun to pay some of the bills with her writing!  While she is unsure how many adventures there will be in this new series, Brenda does promise that it will feature all of the fun, adventure, love, steamy sex, and happily ever afters that have been the hallmarks of her writing from the beginning!

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