The Rules by Elizabeth Brown ~New Release 5 Star Review

trThe Rules: An older-brother’s-best-friend romance. Book II in the Off-Limits series.
Please be advised that the following story deals with themes of abuse and mental health which may be difficult for some readers.
When you’re a guy, the rules are simple. Live by the Bro Code:
Rule #1: Always have his back.
Rule #2: Don’t ever leave him stranded.
Rule #3: And never, ever, touch his sister.
Aw hell, two out of three ain’t bad.
Please be advised: The following story contains mature humor, a lot of cursing, and of course, sexual situations. It is intended for adult readers who enjoy that kind of thing.

Author’s note: This book can be read as a standalone but you’ll miss a few inside jokes- read The Lessons first if you can.

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Panty Scorching- 5
Angst- 1
Tissues-2 (good, happy tears)
Overall Rating- 5
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Joanna

I don’t think I can express how much I love this story.

This is the second book in the “Off-Limits” series and they are only getting better. In book one you got to meet Ainsley, who was Ryan’s sister. You learned that she had some depression issues, but you didn’t know the reasons. So in book to this is Ainsley’s story.

She meets “Lambo”, who is Ryan’s best friend when Ryan takes his girlfriend Natalie to Vegas. Natalie and several of Ryan’s friends go to Vegas with them, including “Lambo”, and of course since “Lambo” is in the hotel industry, he hooked them up with a great room.

The story takes you back into the past to show you the first time Ainsley and “Lambo” met, at
Ryan’s college graduation party. Ainsley was only 16 and “Lambo” was also graduating college.
Ainsley didn’t tell “Lambo” who she was, (Ryan’s little sister) and even told “Lambo” her name was Violet, and they kissed… a hot and heavy kiss. Ryan walks in and they were not caught, but that was when “Lambo” learned that Ainsley was Ryan’s sister, and that she was only 16. Then it brings you back to the present, and Ainsley thought “Lambo” hated her for lying and being so young back then, and “Lambo” though Ainsley hated him for kissing her like that.

But when they get to Vegas, they learn the truth and they hide it from everyone. Ainsley was having a “problem” and “Lambo” was going to be nice and try to help Ainsley with her problem. OH BOY does he ever help her.

“Yes, the RTF signals were off the charts, but he was still Ryan’s best friend”

You will have to read the story to know what RTF stand for.

I loved how the author writes the story in the two characters point of view. I also enjoyed how she kept the two main characters from the first story, in this one. I don’t believe you have to have read the first book to be able to read this one… but trust me… you want to read the both… they are really, really good… and SEXY!

There was a lot of humor in this story. Ainsley and her inner thoughts are hysterical and Ainsley’s friend Winnie is pretty funny also. You also get a lot of inner thought of “Lambo” and his thoughts on certain subjects that just made me chuckle.

Such an entertaining story.


Muscular and sexy torso of young man with perfect abs in panties

Catch Up On The Series…


Things weren’t exactly going according to my Plan, so I did what most Americans do when confronted with a problem: I hired someone else to fix it.

Except ‘it’ was my virginity.
And that ‘someone else’ was a sex surrogate.
I should have known the answer wouldn’t be that simple.

Stand-alone book 1 in The Forbidden series.

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About the Author

ElizabethBrown Contemporary Romance writer and self-professed Charlie Hunnam junkie, Elizabeth Brown used to make fun of her mom for reading romance novels.
Now she’s eating her words.

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