Incapable by Marie Skye ~Release Blitz


Incapable (Incapable #1) by Marie Skye

Release Day: February 19, 2016



I’ve had everything ripped away from me. The love of a family. That word. Love. What’s that like? I do what I have to do, and sometimes that means running away from it all. So, I make myself disappear, and just blend in, because I don’t want to be found. I do what I do best. I keep to myself. I work my ass off, I go home, and repeat. Anything to stay unnoticed. But one man did. An overbearing, egotistical, controlling asshole. He continually frustrates me. He doesn’t listen, because everything he says goes, yet my clothes are constantly wanting to come off in his presence. I said I would give him one night. He made it clear he wanted more and secretly, so did I. My darkness always finds a way to catch up with me. Unfortunately, they’re willing to hurt those that get in the way.

…… Unless he hurts me first.


I take. Because I can. I claim. Because I can. She was mine the moment I saw her, and I’ll break her soul to keep her. I’m a ruthless asshole. And frankly I don’t care. I always get what I want, and I’m not willing to let her go.

This is PART ONE of the Incapable series.

Warning: This series has a foul-mouthed male, dirty talk, and strong sexual content. Intended for mature audiences 18+ only.



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About the Author

Marie Skye currently resides in Austin, Texas. She’s always wanted to be a writer, and one day decided ‘why not?’ She’s a sucker for all things romance, but also loves those stories that are dark and twisted, and makes you think to yourself “what would people say if they knew I read stuff like this?” They would be jealous.


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