Warrant by Savannah Rylan ~Release Blitz w/ Review

 28695297Title: Warrant (Righteous Outlaws #1)
Author: Savannah Rylan
Release Date: March 3, 2016

AubreeMarie Harrington returns home from college to a life of trust fund douchebags and dinner parties. Despite her parent’s disapproval, she’s giving herself one year to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. To celebrate her return her best friends bring her to a bar on the outside of town where she meets Cash, a tattooed, opinionated, completely beneath her standards member of the local MC.

Cash Logan just wanted a beer, but when the prissy drunk bitch that was next to him gets herself into a situation he can’t help but to step in. If there’s one thing he can’t resist it’s a damsel in distress even if this damsel is anything but.

When two people from opposite sides of the tracks collide, lives will be changed, places will be threatened, tempers will be tested and everything they thought they knew will be questioned.

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Panty Scorching- 5
Angst- 3
Overall Rating- 5
Received an ARC for review

This was an unexpected surprise.

When reading a new author, you never know what you are going to get. I figured it was a MC book, so of course you can’t go wrong…but it has happened before, so I was taking a chance, and SO glad that I did.

This is a great sexy story about a girl who was used to “country clubs” and “stylists” and a tattooed bad boy biker in a MC.

Aubree had gone to a dive bar with some friends and her boyfriend…even though they were taking a break…and was dancing and drinking. Cash just happened to be in this bar taking care of some MC business and Aubree got his attention. It could have been the bright yellow dress she was wearing or the “good girl” look she had, but he wanted to take her for a ride on his bike.

What was supposed to have been a “one night stand” turned out to be a lot more.

Aubree gets tangled into some dirty things with the MC club and rivals that they have. Cash tries to keep her out of it, but he couldn’t get her out of his head. There was a tiny bit of angst from him trying to push her away and her walking away because of her father. Which her father is a whole other story in its self. LOL

This was a quick read and if you like a dirty biker who likes to talk dirty and be all alpha, you will love this book as much as I did.


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