Love Emerged by Michelle Lynn ~Blog Tour w/ Review & Excerpt

Bea Zanders’s interest penetrated me.
I tried to ignore her unwavering eyes and lasting touches.

But my willpower failed me.

Our one-night affair was mutual.
No expectations, no exchanging of phone numbers, nothing.
The next morning, she sauntered out of my life as fast as she had entered it.

I claimed Dylan McCain as soon as I saw him.
His disheveled dark hair and tattooed arms screamed bad boy.
Finally, I won, and he claimed me in return.

But in the light of day, he changed.
His smile further dented those dreamy dimples.
His panicked green eyes held layers of kindness.
Making sure the rules were clear, I walked away, showing him how little relationships meant to me.

Now, two months later, we come face-to- face again—as coworkers.

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Panty Scorching 2
Angst 0
Tissues – 0
Storyline – 3
Value – 3
Overall – 3.5
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Ladyballs

I had such high hopes for this book and it started out with all the momentum and mystery and sexiness a solid book has and little by little it fizzled for me. It had all the right parts but it just didn’t fit together well.

Bea and Dylan…connected by friends and siblings….have a one night affair. Bea is care free, witty and seems to have a bad reputation. Dylan is a straight up p&ssy…there I said it. I wanted to yell at him….have some b*lls on more then one occasion. Ugh… I was so confused at what type of male the author wanted him to be I got a headache. One minute he is incapable of trusting a female and being emotional and well kind of like a chick with all the “feels” he has, then the next he displays a little “alpha”. The alpha moments just don’t fit and it was painful to watch. Look, everyone wants that nice guy with a dash of bad boy but Dylan seems to not be that perfect blend and it was hard to watch him be so wishy washy. Bea has all kind of daddy issues….oh and mommy issues and also is incapable of having a relationship. Match made in heaven!

After there one night affair and swearing each other off….they come face to face and are thrust back into each others lives. Reading about them fumble their way through reconnecting was just painful and the more I read the more I lost interest. The sex scenes were mediocre and I just expected more from this book.



“Fuck me,” I murmur under my breath.

No one can know that the girl I fucked two months ago is a member on my team, the team I’ve been promised to be in charge of in a month’s time. Now, with this hiccup of Bea being on said team, I’m screwed.

At least I played off the fact that when Tim had mentioned a Bea working here, my dick didn’t twitch in my pants. She can’t know how many times I’ve rethought of her mouth on me. In the past two nights, my hand has wrapped around myself just to relieve the pressure the visual gives me. When I said Bea didn’t ring any bells, her eyes moved past my face, and I almost reneged, but I pushed on, giving the receptionist who’s been eye-fucking me since I arrived this morning a flirty smile.

Bea has to know what happened between us was nothing, and there won’t be a second round.

My eyes veer down to her ass in the snug black pencil skirt and her black heels, only straining my slacks into a tighter fit. Damn, I hope this is her good outfit, and the rest of the week, she’ll be hidden in flowery long skirts and sizeable blouses. If I know Bea though, she’ll taunt me every day.

I’m on my way out of the conference room when a petite girl with long dark hair and innocent brown eyes crosses the distance between us. If I thought Bea was dressed provocatively, I was wrong. This girl’s blouse dips so far down that I can see the little bow adhered on her red bra. Nice cleavage though.

“Hi, I’m Yasmin.” She holds out her delicate hand, and I shake it.

“Nice to meet you, Yasmin. You’re on my team, right?” I doubt there’s another Yasmin, just like there’s no other Bea.

“Yes, we’re going to be cubicle partners, so I thought I’d introduce myself.”

“Hello, Yasmin, my cubicle partner.”

I smile, my dimples deepening, and her body leans a little closer to me.

“So, I heard you were talking to Bea Zanders. Do you know her or something?” she asks. Suddenly, this friendly conversation turns investigative, and she’s not exactly smooth in her transition.

“My brother dates her best friend.”

“Brother? There are two of you?” she asks.

My lips turn into a tight smile. Not original at all, and I really hope she’s better at coming up with ad campaigns than she is at flirting.

“Yes. He’s older and very taken.”

My brother just recently went back to Colorado with the girl who had won his heart at the age of six—our next-door neighbor, Piper Ashby. That left me with Piper’s twin brother, Brad, as my roommate since he called off his wedding.

“And what about you?” She walks a little closer, and occasionally, her shoulder brushes my arm.

“Yes, I’m taken by Deacon Advertising.” I see Tim in the hallway, standing outside his office, waving me over. “If you’ll excuse me, Yasmin, I have to earn my reputation.” I smile over to her and don’t wait for a response.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” she hollers over at the exact time I pass the restroom.

Bea walks out. She stops dead in her footsteps and stares between Yasmin and me.

“Hmm…you making the rounds?” She breezes by me, leaving that smell of vanilla behind.

There goes my dick again, and if I didn’t care so much about its well-being, I’d smack it down to submission.

I look up, and Tim’s waiting for me at the door of his office, impatience spreading through his bushy eyebrows.

I need to work Bea out of my system because I need this job. I have to prove that I’m worth the double salary I’m being paid, compared to everyone else in my position.

That I’m the man who will eventually run this company. There’s one, and only one, thing I need to focus on, and that’s work.

About The Author

Michelle Pic

USA Today Bestselling author, Michelle Lynn moved around the Midwest most of her life, transferring from school to school before settling down in the outskirts of Chicago ten years ago, where she now resides with her husband and two kids. She developed a love of reading at a young age, which helped lay the foundation for her passion to write. With the encouragement of her family, she finally sat down and wrote one of the many stories that have been floating around in her head. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found playing with her kids, talking to her mom on the phone, or hanging out with her family and friends. But after chasing around twin preschoolers all day, she always cherishes her relaxation time after putting the kids to bed.

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Twitter: @michellelynnbks


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