Surrender To More by Rachel De Lune ~Blog Tour w/ Review & Giveaway

Surrender to More by Rachel De Lune
The Evermore Series, Book 3 – can be read stand alone Genre: Erotic Romance


Trust. A simple notion for some, but impossibly out of reach for Jessica Riley. The walls around her heart are built high from betrayal and years of keeping everyone at arm’s length. She’s happy with the way her life is, or so she thought.
Hardcore Dom, Lucas Clark, was immediately drawn to Jessica. As their paths continue to cross, Lucas tests Jessica’s submissive nature, as well as her steadfast resolve to keep her emotions out of her relationships. He wants more than just sex. He demands Jess’ trust. The one thing she keeps locked away.
As their bond intensifies, Jessica fears that this Greek God will put the pieces of her heart back together. Family, marriages and ghosts of her past all plague her ability to trust her own decisions, especially the ones that revolve around love.
A woman who’s afraid of heartbreak fights her own surrender against the man who doesn’t let her play it safe anymore.

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Storyline: 4
Angst: 1
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 5
Over All Rating: 4 Stars
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Christina

YAY! Jess’s book is finally here! This is book three in the More series but I feel it could be read as a standalone since it’s about a side character. I did love seeing glimpses of Izzy and Seb in this one and hope we see more from all the characters again..some day.

From reading the first two books in this series we know that Jess is Izzy’s best friend, even tho we don’t know hardly anything about her. She is a women that keeps to herself and keeps her personal life, well personal. Going into Surrender To More we learn that Jess doesn’t do attached relationships. Keeping men at arms length is important to her, she has her reasons and the scars from old relationships to prove it.

What Jess doesn’t expect it to feel like maybe she has made the wrong choice to live her life by herself. After Izzy’s wedding Jess begins to wonder if she should open herself up again and see if she can find love. With all the mixed feelings swirling in Jess’s head she decides that maybe talking to someone would help her sort everything out. What she didn’t expect was to run into a sexy as sin man that soon consumes her thoughts.

Will this mystery man help Jess move past her past failed relationships? Or will Jess give up on love altogether?

This book I highly enjoyed. I knew from what little I knew about Jess from the past books that her book would be one that I would like. I knew she had a story that needed to be told, and I’m so glad the author decided to tell her story. Jess is a strong independent women that doesn’t rely on anyone but herself. She just decides that maybe her life is quite as full as she would like for it to be. Luc is a man that I can’t wait for you all to meet! He is simply perfect for Jess….even in ways she never knew.

This is a great book about opening up your heart and not letting past experiences swallow you hole. Letting love in can be a great thing 🙂 I love this series and can’t wait to see where Rachel takes this series next. I personally would love to see a book about Jess’s brother! Who is he and what is he up to?…well read and you might just find out 😉

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About The Author

Rachel De Lune writes emotionally driven erotic romance. She began scribbling her stories in the pages of a notebook several years ago. Today she’s still scribbling stories of dominance and submission and creating Happily Ever Afters.

Rachel lives in the South West of England and daydreams about shoes, lingerie and chocolate, in-between being a mum and a wife. She would love to give up her day job to devote more time to her scribbles.  For every woman who’s ever desired more.
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