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Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple.

Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC, but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club. She’s engaged now, living a new life despite missing the bikers that raised her. Overall, she’s… fine.
Sure, fine. She’s fine with the fiancé who is more interested in position and image than the woman in his life. She’s fine with the fake people around and the suffocating passive aggression. She’s fine with the fact that she is turning to drugs to self-medicate.

A Disciple will fight like a savage for what he wants.

When Gauge tags along to visit his club brother’s daughter, he can’t believe the two women he meets: the fiery daughter of a biker and the puppet with the blank affect. And yet, they’re both Cami.
He sees the fire beneath surface, and he wants to watch it burn. He wants to rip away the man smothering her like a wet blanket. He wants to see the flames consume that cookie-cutter future-wife facade to the ground and dance with her in the flames.

When this biker clutches onto a Disciple’s daughter, there is no letting go.








Drew Elyse spends her days trying to convince the world that she is, in fact, a Disney Princess, and her nights writing tear-jerking and smutty romance novels. Her debut novel, Dissonance, released in August of 2014.

When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found over-analyzing every line of a book, binge watching a series on Netflix, doing strange vocal warm ups before singing a variety of music styles, or screaming at the TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game.

A graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a BA in English, she still lives in Chicago, IL where she was born and raised with her boyfriend and her prima donna pet rabbit, Lola.


Panty Scorching-3.5


Value- 4

Overall Rating-3.5

Clutch by Drew Elyse

eKindle Review by: Jen

Clutch by Drew Elyse is the 1st book in her Savage Disciples series and gives us the story of Cami and Gauge. Cami was born and raised in the MC lifestyle but leaves it behind when she goes off to college and falls in love. Although she is engaged to her college sweetheart Cami doesn’t realize how unhappy with her life she is until her father and Gauge, another MC member, come and pay her a visit. The initial meeting between Cami and Gauge you can just feel the chemistry burning off the page between the two. What was just a change random meeting grows into an unexpected friendship/flirting between the two. It isn’t until Cami vents to Guage about her life that he lets loose his true thoughts about her and the life she is living. Although totally pissed at him for saying what she said- it is the hard reality that Cami is living. She realizes that this life she is living is not the one she wants and takes the action to set her life on the path she wants. Guage couldn’t be more ecstatic to hear that Cami is not only leaving her unhappy life behind but she is coming to him. As Cami and Gauge set forth on this new journey of trying to make it together they soon realize that although their chemistry is off the charts there are outside forces that may be hell bent on trying to keep them apart.

I read some of the other books in the series so I was excited to read the first book and see how the series got started. I really liked how Drew writes her characters and story. There were a few parts where I felt it was a bit rushed but that is me just being greedy and not wanting the story to end. If you are a MC genre fan this is definitely a great read! You won’t be disappointed.

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