Cut & Blow by Ashleigh Giannoccaro ~ Release Blitz w/ Review

Title: Cut & Blow (Book 1)
Author: Ashleigh Giannoccaro
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Southern Stiles Design (Gemma Poppet Rice)
Release Date: May 20th 2017
The smell of perm lotion and the sound of the dryer’s blowing hot air camouflages the truth, the lies, and the real stories behind the people inside the hair salon.
Cut & Blow flash in neon lights above the glass front of the outdated shop, but inside young talent shave and layer hair while making small talk with clients, that over share.
Ailee is a twenty-year old stylist with more secrets of her own than she hears from others on a daily basis. But, when a tall, long haired customer comes in and seduces her with his deep voice, the skeletons come tumbling out her closet before she can shut the door. Falling in love with him is like stepping off a ledge, she knows it won’t end well, but it feels so good on the way down.
Rainieri watches his wife from a distance, until he just cannot watch any longer. Through the salon window he sees someone else taking what is his, setting off his possessive streak. When she doesn’t get his subtle messages and her stubborn nature won’t give up, he steps in to take what was his all along.
As twisted as the gossip you hear in the hair salon, Cut & Blow will have you blushing and begging to hear the rest of the story.

Storyline: 5
Angst: 3
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 5
Over All Rating: 4.5 Stars
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Robin

Ailee is a stylist at a salon who enjoys being a typical 20 year old with her friends. They joke around. They get drunk and go clubbing. But Ailee has a secret. A secret life that none of her friends know about until the day she meets Trent. He has her taking some risks. And then there is Rainieri who watches her. He’s been trying to let her live her life and have fun. But what can he do when family starts interfering?

“‘I’m not exactly the lovable type. I don’t know how to show her. She’s so young and stubborn, and full of shit.’

He laughs at me, the sound bubbles from him. ‘Sounds like someone I knew about fifteen years ago. You are not exactly easy, Rain. Do something special for her. Try. Be soft. Stop shooting people she likes.’”

When I signed up for this review I thought it’d be a gossipy salon with some secrets. And it is but…omg…so much more. I kept having to stop while reading to tell my book friends – wait, there’s some stuff going on with Rain! No…there’s another guy, Trent…it’s a love triangle! No…it’s something else. I wouldn’t mind a crazy Rain in my life. He’s watched over Ailee since she was a teen. You can’t get much more devoted than that! I loved how the story just took twists where I couldn’t predict where the story was going. Ailee is so young and stubborn. At points I admired her independence but at others I wondered why she couldn’t see what was really happening! Great first story in a series with dark undertones.

If you are looking for something a little different. A book that makes your mouth drop open. This series is for you. I really couldn’t describe how I felt at the end except that I enjoyed the trip getting there.

Bestselling Author Ashleigh Giannoccaro writes edgy dark romance and erotic horror, self published by choice she writes the stories others don’t dare. Currently residing in Johannesburg South Africa with her husband and two daughters Ashleigh enjoys writing stories that make you fall in love with the unlovable and leave you asking questions. When not writing she can be found with her kindle in a sunny spot reading, or traveling with her family.
You can stalk her here –
@Colourmyugly on twitter
@Mrsgiannoccaro on Instagram

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