Last Call by Christina Lee & Felice Stevens ~ Release Blitz w/ Review & Excerpt

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RELEASE DATE: 11.29.17

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Quinn Monahan and Grayson Page have been friends since high school. Despite their differences, they’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. Opening Last Call together, a bar tucked away in the small town of Heartsville, PA seemed a natural progression—even if it makes it harder to live with the secret longing they’ve always had for each other.

Hoping to score an easy buck and a place to sleep, unemployed circus roadie Emery Woods chooses Last Call to run a few bets and enjoy a decent beer before moving on. When he finds himself stranded, the unexpected kindness Quinn and Gray show him leads to temporary work and a couch to lay his head. Sensing unresolved history between Quinn and Gray, he squashes his immediate draw to the men, opting to avoid trouble. But as days turn into weeks, denying the attraction is easier said than done.

When the men finally give in to the simmering sexual tension, it quickly develops into more than a way to pass the lonely nights. And as they begin to lean on each other for emotional support, it becomes nearly impossible to think of one man without the other two. But while Quinn and Gray are afraid to cross the line of friendship between them, Emery fears once they do, he’ll quickly be cast aside. A real family is finally within their grasp, but unless the men can learn to trust each other, they just might miss their hearts’ last call home.




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Storyline: 5
Angst: 3
Tissue: 0
Value: 5
Panty Scorching: 5
Over All Rating: 4.5 Stars
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Robin

High school friends Quinn Monahan and Grayson Page have been making their living opening the Last Call bar in a small town in Pennsylvania. When former circus roadie Emery Woods stops in to run bets to raise some cash before moving on to the next town, their lives become all upended. Quinn wants to help down on his luck Emery and an attraction develops between all three men. When then start to rely upon one another, the crush between Quinn and Grayson appears to be ready to cross over the line of friendship. Can this shaky triad survive the deep-seated trust issues Grayson and Emery have from their childhood?

“What the fuck was going on with me? I rarely let one person get close to me, and yet here I was, barely half an hour after lighting up inside when Quinn touched my face, already wondering what Gray felt like under his clothes.

I was in such fucking trouble.”

We have a little bit of everything in this heartwarming M/M/M story. Quinn and Grayson are childhood best friends who open a bar together. I love the crush and genuine love they have for each other but are too scared to act on in case the other doesn’t feel the same. Then drifter Emery drops into their lives. That man changed the game almost immediately. I think it’s great that Gray and Emery bonded in their similar childhoods but Quinn has to be my favorite character. He wears his heart on his sleeve and the man is full of love and happiness. I just want to eat him up! Through the ups and downs and trust issues…I loved the how this book navigates the triad relationship and the men learn how to communicate their fears and feelings for one another. Nothing is smooth sailing until it’s time to come home.

If you have a craving for friends to lovers stories, this book will definitely give you all you are wishing for. The triad relationship between these three men is so beautifully depicted and I love the touching way Quinn and Gray try to navigate all of Emery’s fear of abandonment. Beautifully done.


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“Hey. You don’t believe him, right? He doesn’t know the real you.” Gray wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. Wordlessly I sought his mouth, needing his solid warmth. Electric sparks showered through me when he crushed our lips together, and I slid my hands through his hair, clutching the silky waves between my fingers.

Heat rose between us as he took my face between the palms of his hands and sucked hungrily at my tongue. I molded my body to his, my dick aching and hard. Our breaths mingled, and I licked at the scratchy, tender skin of Gray’s neck, drinking in the tang of his scent. So strong and warm and male.

A hand touched my back and Emery kissed my neck, then sucked my earlobe into his mouth. I could feel the push of his cock, and I became a trembling mass of sensation, each stroke ramping up my desire.

“The truck is still in the driveway, full of liquor.” Emery panted against my ear.

“Fuck the liquor.” Who could think when Emery’s lips trailed hot kisses down my neck?

“I’d rather fuck you.”

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Mother, wife, reader, dreamer. Christina lives in the Midwest with her husband and son–her two favorite guys. She’s addicted to lip balm, coffee, and kissing. Because everything is better with kissing.

She writes MM Contemporary as well as Adult and New Adult Romance. She believes in happily-ever-afters for all, so reading and writing romance for everybody under the rainbow helps quench her soul.



FB Group: The Swoon Room



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Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart. While life is tough, she believes there is a happy ending for everyone. She started reading traditional historical romances as a teenager, then life and law school got in the way. It wasn’t until she picked up a copy of Bertrice Small and became swept away to Queen Elizabeth’s court that her interest in romance novels was renewed.

But somewhere along the way, her reading shifted to stories of men falling in love. Once she picked up her first gay romance, she became so enamored of the character-driven stories and the overwhelming emotion there was no turning back.

Felice lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine. Although she practices law, she daydreams of a time when she can sit by a beach and write beautiful stories of men falling in love. Although there is bound to be some angst along the way, a Happily Ever After is always guaranteed.






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