King’s Wrath by Nina Levine ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

The wait is finally over! The highly anticipated King’s Wrath by Nina Levine is now available on all ebook retailers.

Finally meet the enigma that is King.

Our love wasn’t like everyone else’s.
There wasn’t a first date or flowers and gifts.
We didn’t have a song or cute nicknames for each other.
There were no calls during the day to check in with me, no coming home to cook me dinner, and no foot massages at the end of a long day.
That wasn’t how he loved.
But love me he did.
Madly, deeply, passionately, completely.
King loved with everything he had.
He just loved a little differently to most.

This is King’s story. From the beginning. All the ugly and all the beautiful, by the end of this duet you will come to understand the man behind the club.

King’s story will be told over two books – King’s Wrath & King’s Reign.


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Angst 4
Tears 2
Value 5
Storyline 5
Panty Scorching 5
Overall Rating 5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Lindsey

Well, Nina has done it! She’s wrecked me. I’ve know that King’s book would be worth the wait. And I was dead on with that assumption. There were so many times I wanted to scream and times where I feared the worst. Nina left me on cliff and boy, did she make that one take my breath.

King is so freakin’ complex. He’s up and down and everywhere in between. He’s the type of man that is all in or not at all. He’s either loyal to a fault or he’s got no time for you. Completely black or white, no grey area. I fell for his broken damaged soul immediately!

Trying not to give anything away here…King gets a blast from the past on his step and it throws him for a loop. Does he let this person in or not? Will this person hurt him again? So many questions! I still have so many questions going through my head that it’s making me crazy. This will definitely be a book I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Nina nailed this story! And there’s even more to come and I’m so damn excited. These storm men will work their way into your hearts and never let you go! Way to go Nina! This story is perfection!! lindsey

If you haven’t started this series yet, download the first book, Relent, for FREE today and catch up on the series everyone is talking about!

Book One in the new Sydney Storm MC series.

A biker torn between loyalty to his club and love for his woman.

I let Evie Bishop go once. I won’t make that mistake again.

I’ve loved Evie since we were kids, before I found the Storm MC.
Long before I sold my soul to the devil.
I never wanted to bring her into this world, but a man can only go so long without the woman he loves by his side. I need her like I fucking need air and I won’t stop until she’s mine again.
I knew she’d battle me.
I knew I’d have to fight hard for her.
But I never thought I’d be in this predicament—torn between her and my club.
The thing about me, though, is that I’ll do anything for those I love. Even if it could cost me everything.

Standalone Motorcycle Club Romance

This spin-off series can be read without reading the original Storm MC Series.


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