Sorrow’s Queen by Ashleigh Giannoccaro & Murphy Wallace ~ Release Blitz

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Title: Sorrow’s Queen
Series: Cavalieri Della Morte
Author: Ashleigh Giannoccaro + Murphy Wallace
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release: June 27, 2019



Sorrow slips in quietly when no one is looking — just like I do.

It robs them of life and joy — just like me.

Sorrow is a killer in the night, murdering hearts and leaving destruction in its wake — and so am I.

I am Tristan Sorrow, I stole happiness, and now she is mine.

He came in the dead of night to steal me, to take me home. He was sent to rob me of my happiness and murder my hopes.

Creeping in slowly, he was an unexpected twist in my tale.

But he stole the wrong thing, he made me his Queen.

Tristan Sorrow stole my heart — and my life.

Every love story is written tragically in the blood of those who fell.


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