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β€œSometimes you find a gem. And Practice to Deceive by this new to me author is one of these rare finds.” ~Konny, Goodreads reviewer



I wasn’t always a bad guy, but betrayal has a way of finding your darkest inner demons. Great friends and family weren’t enough to save me. I wanted revenge. When the opportunity presented itself, I felt justified. That’s karma, right?

Turns out, karma has a way of circling back.

If only I hadn’t been so stupid.

If only I’d known what my deceit would cost me.

It will take a lot of work to unravel the damage I’ve done, but I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to keep from losing her.



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Feels 3
Steam 1
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
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Reviewed by Stephanie

β€œOh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.”

Brennan is overall a really nice guy. He’s got a lot going for him. He is popular on campus. He’s hot and is about to take a huge life step with his long-time college girlfriend. He couldn’t care less that his best friend and family all despise her for reasons they won’t divulge. All that changes one night when two of the people who are supposed to have his back betray him and the shit hits the fan. Brennan is no longer mister nice guy he turns into mister let’s get drunk and screw guy. Along the way he also hatches a plan for revenge and that plan includes the new girl on campus, Skylar.

β€œIt was a simple plan before, just her and the plan. The plan. I’m not sure I even know what the fucking plan is anymore.”

Skylar is the new girl on campus and unbeknownst to her she is the target of Brennan Dixon’s crazy revenge plan. When he starts to show up everywhere she is, she really does try and resist his good looks and charm. Brennan is relentless and she finally gives in. The reader knows this is supposed to be a revenge plan but poor Skylar obviously doesn’t and the lines for Brennan start to blur pretty quickly the closer he gets to sweet Skylar. He fights hard against his growing feeling for her but Skylar is something he just wasn’t prepared for. Soon he will do anything to keep her and the secret of the worst ever revenge plan in history.

β€œThere were a lot of things I didn’t know, things I was unsure about, but one thing I had absolutely no doubt about was that I wanted her. I wanted her now.”

When Brennan was mapping out his revenge plan I was like come on don’t do it, but of course he did. Secrets can’t be kept secret forever and what happens when the truth comes out? Does he stand a chance at keeping the girl who was only supposed to be collateral damage but turned out to be the only one he loves?

β€œWhat would my honesty cost me? My subconscious whispered the answer against my ear with a hiss of air – everything.”

This was my first read by this author and it was an okay read for me. I had a hard time connecting with the characters for most of the book and honestly just thought it went from one extreme to another too quickly. Brennan was hell bent on revenge and then it was all sunshine and roses right away. It just didn’t flow smoothly for me. Just a lot of gaps and I struggled with getting through some chapters. I did like how she wrapped it up and I do look forward to reading more from this author.

Stephanie (1)

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For the next couple of hours, we lay together on her couch watching reruns, wrapped up in each other. We didn’t talk, but we didn’t need to, we’d done enough of that. Even though there was still so much I was keeping from her, a part of me felt lighter, better. Because now I had one less secret, one less thing hanging over my head. I also knew, now more than ever, that if I wanted to be completely free of all the bullshit, I’d have to come clean. She deserved it. The selfish side of me hugged her tighter, like a child with his favorite blanket. What would my honesty cost me? My subconscious whispered the answer against my ear with a hiss of air…everything.


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Olivia Evans is a writing obsessed, world traveling, thrill seeking, music junkie.Β  A true Gemini, she follows her heart blindly and lives life to the fullest. Wife. Mother. Oscar Wilde lover. ~To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.



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