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She thought he was the perfect man. Then she met his best friend.

It’s been eight months since the one-night stand that changed Rayna’s life, and she still thinks about Cain every day, making it hard to move on.

When her best friend plans a girls’ weekend in Vegas, Rayna is ready to take a leap of faith and get on with her life… until she finds herself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. Alone, afraid, and in the middle of nowhere, the last person she expects to stop and lend a hand is the one man she’s never been able to forget. Cain. But that’s exactly who shows up, and he’s even hotter now than he was on New Year’s Eve.

Cain can’t believe his good fortune. Rayna has haunted his memories for eight long months. Now he has a chance to finish what he started, and if Rayna is game, he’s prepared to blow her mind. Because this time his best friend Storm is with him, and the pair have a salaciously unique history with women. Maybe he and Storm are just what the overly sheltered Rayna needs to truly set herself free from her tragic past.

But hearts can be fickle lovers, and none of them can predict how one night of passionate exploration will alter the bonds of friendship, proving that sometimes three really can be a crowd.

Β Get ready to get caught in the storm of this epic series from award-winning author Donya Lynne.



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Pressing her luck, she rose onto her tiptoes and brushed her lips over his. He exhaled softly, gently drew in her bottom lip, and slid his hand farther around her waist.

Their mouths lingered together for a protracted, sizzling moment, then she lowered herself. β€œI like where you take me.” Her palms swept over his shoulders. β€œI like how you make me feel.”

His chest rose and fell heavily. β€œI like how you make me feel too.”

She slid her hand up his neck and stroked her fingers through his thick, dark hair. He tilted his head into her touch.

β€œStay with me tonight,” she whispered, holding his gaze, making her intentions clear.

Searching her face, he made no immediate move either way. Then, with a determined gleam in his eyes, he reached behind her and turned off the desk lamp.

β€œShut the door,” he said, his voice low, before peeling out of his shirt.

The moment the latch quietly clicked into place, he had her back pressed against the wall, his hands under her nightshirt, his forehead tipped intoxicatingly to hers.

His lips skimmed over hers in a blazing caress. β€œPlease tell me you have condoms in that bathroom.” He tilted his head toward her en suite powder room.

β€œI do.”

He grinned and kissed her again. β€œThen maybe you should grab one, because I don’t know how long I can keep myself out of you without losing my mind.” He released her.

She started for the bathroom, but he snatched her wrist, spinning her back around.

β€œMake it two.”

She laughed, then moaned as he drew her back against the hard angles of his body and kissed her again, this time with more fire.

β€œYou’re not going to let me get any sleep tonight, are you?” she said, her fingers curling over the solid muscles of his chest.

His teeth slid over his bottom lip as he took a step back and dragged his gaze up and down her body, appraising her. β€œYou don’t look tired.”

β€œI don’t feel tired.” She closed the distance between them, skimming her palm down his stomach to the hard length between his legs. β€œYou don’t feel tired either.”

He groaned approvingly, and a glassy-eyed, devilish grin spread over his face as she rubbed him up and down through his shorts. Then he took a step back, closer to the bed, and bobbed his chin toward her bathroom. β€œGrab the whole damn box.”


Donya Lynne

Donya Lynne is the bestselling author of the award winning All the King’s Men and Strong Karma Series and a member of Romance Writers of America. Making her home in a wooded suburb of Indianapolis with her husband, Donya has lived in Indiana most of her life and knew at a young age she was destined to be a writer. She started writing poetry in grade school and won her first short story contest in fourth grade. In junior high, she began writing romantic stories for her friends, and by her sophomore year, she’d been dubbed Most Likely to Become a Romance Novelist. In 2012, she fulfilled her dream by publishing her first three novels. Her work has earned her two IPPYs, five eLit Awards, a USA Today Recommended Read, and numerous accolades, including two Smashwords bestsellers. When she’s not writing, she can be found cheering on the Indianapolis Colts or doing her cats’ bidding.




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