Wait For Me by Tia Louise ~ Release Blitz w/ 4.5 Star Review!


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By Tia Louise
Release Day: December 17


Dear Taron,
I should have told you this before…

Dear Taron,
Is there a time-limit on forgiveness?
If there is, I haven’t reached it…

Dear Taron,
I still love you… 

Taron Rhodes was my brother’s best friend.
He was sexy as sin.
But he was more than that…
He was ponytail-pulling, ice down your shirt teasing, throw you in the lake screaming…
Strong, tanned arms and bright green eyes over a heart-stopping, naughty grin…
Did I mention his tight end?
I gave him my first real kiss, my heart, my everything.
I said I’d wait for him…

I’m still waiting, because Taron Rhodes is still the man of my dreams,
And I have a secret that has his bright green eyes.

Noel LaGrange stole my heart when she was only eighteen—pushing me off a flatbed and calling me a city slicker.
Her brother Sawyer would kick my ass if he knew how many times we made out that summer, how close we got.

Everything changed when Sawyer and I joined the military.
We were honorably discharged, but I didn’t go to her.
Instead, I went back to the city… where no amount of money, no amount of pills can heal this wound.
Only her whiskey eyes and dark hair, her slim arms and her sweet scent, give me hope.
I broke her heart just as surely as I broke mine, but I’m going back to make it right.
If she’s still waiting…

(WAIT FOR ME is a STAND-ALONE small-town, second-chance romance with a guaranteed HEA. No cheating. No cliffhangers.)

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Feels 2
Steam 3.5
Storyline 4.5
Overall Rating 4.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

Ok, so I really loved this book. I loved the love story, the romance, the chemistry and the characters. Taron joins the Marines with a few of his friends. They have some time before they have to report so he goes home with his friend Sawyer to his “peach orchard”. While there, Taron falls HARD for Sawyer’s younger sister Noel.

Noel is ready to take on the peach farm and run it while Sawyer is away in the Marines. She is determined and knows exactly how the next few years will pan out. Only she gets sidetracked once she sees Taron. You can feel the immediate attraction between these two. Both are hesitant to act on those feelings though because they both know Taron will be leaving in a few weeks and Sawyer would kill him.

Over the course of the next few weeks, these two get incredibly close and fall madly in love…now if you know anything about me, LadyBalls, I abhor insta love stories. With that being said, this was so well written that the short amount of time they fell for each other didn’t bother me one bit because it was actually believable.

Over time A LOT happens, Noel’s plans are majorly put on hold and her life changes and as far as the guys, they are not the same guys that left. They have seen and done things no one should ever have to do and it is having a huge impact on Taron. He goes to a dark place and all seems lost.

I don’t want to give away too much of their journey together but its definitely a page turner. This book gave me all of the feels. It had love, angst, heartache, internal struggles, depression and moments that had my heart bursting. I loved reading about these two and their journey and will be reading future books in this series.

Christine (1)


About Tia Louise

Tia Louise is the USA Today bestselling, award-winning author of When We Touch, the “Bright Lights,” “One to Hold,” and “Dirty Players” series, and co-author of the #4 Amazon bestseller The Last Guy.

After being a teacher, a book editor, a journalist, and finally a magazine editor, she started writing love stories and never stopped.

Louise lives in the Midwest with her trophy husband, two teenage geniuses, and one grumpy cat.

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