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“Gripping is an understatement when it comes to this book. From start to finish this book is an emotional roller coaster that keeps you captivated. I ugly cried, I raged, I cheered so freaking hard for both Mena and Turner it’s not even funny.” ~Red Hatter Book Blog

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I am nothing.


I’d rather be invisible than deal with what happens on the days my classmates decide to acknowledge my existence.

But then Turner Hall shows up – all cool confidence and witty banter – and all of a sudden I don’t want to be invisible any more. I want to be seen.

I want him to see me.

I’m not who he thinks I am but I’m starting to suspect he’s not all he says he is either.

Just my luck that he starts to make friends with my tormentors. How am I supposed to tell him who I really am? How am I supposed to show him my true face? What if the boy I’m falling in love with decides I’m nothing too?

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Feels 2
Steam 1
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
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Reviewed by Stephanie

Like You Care is book one in the new YA series, Devilbend Dynasty by Kaydence Snow. I love a good Bully romance and equally love finding a new author to read so I was super excited to check this one out.

Mena sort of lives in two realities. In one she is safe and accepted with her cousins and their friends. She’s not looked at or ridiculed for being different. She’s comfortable being herself. In the other, she wants nothing more than to disappear. To make it through her senior year and get away from the daily hell that is her high school. Unfortunately for her, the assholes at her school want nothing more than to constantly beat her down and bully her. They were brutal…insanely brutal. So Mena finds the best defense against these totally crazy bullies is to keep her head down and keep to herself. But everyone deserves that someone who shows them know they deserve more. That someone for Mena comes unexpectedly when a new boy moves next door.

β€œI wanted so badly to show him who I really was. I wanted to show them all the truth. I wanted to run away and never see any of them again.”

Turner is Mena’s new neighbor and the two strike up a quick and deep friendship talking across their balconies that soon escalates into something more. I actually loved the way they met and that they bonded so quickly being there for each other without actually ever meeting face to face. Mena knows who Turner is since they go to the same school. He of course gets pulled right in with the popular kids AKA her tormentors. But he has no idea who she is and she’ll do anything to keep her real identity hidden from the boy she’s falling I love with. What happens when her two realities collide and her secret comes out? Is Turner really the sweet guy she’s gotten to know over their late night talks or will he look at her like all the others do?

β€œI want you to know I’m going to fight for you. I know you need to think about all of this, but I can’t lose you. You’re the best fucking thing that’s happened to me in a long time.”

This book was a little hard for me to rate. So I absolutely loved Turner. He was one of a kind. I get that Mena was afraid to show him who she really was for fear of losing him, but I wish she would have given him more credit then she did. He was one of the good guys. Truthfully Mena annoyed the shit out of me so many times in this book. I hated the way the assholes at her school treated her, but I felt like she was all over the place. I so wanted her to just stand up for herself. I did like her a lot better in the last half of the book, but I loved Turner in all of it. Then we get this super weird totally random twist in the book that had me confused. It just didn’t fit and I felt like we needed more of that story but it was just skated over. Maybe we will get more info in the next book but it was out of place in this one and interrupted the flow for me. I am all for twists and turns but wasn’t a fan of this one. Needless to say, I liked the first half of the book a lot better than the second. I am looking forward to reading more of this series to see where it takes us. I hope we get a lot more of Turner!

β€œThe world is a shitty place, but you make me happy. I love you.”

Stephanie (1)



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Kaydence Snow

Kaydence Snow has lived all over the world but ended up settled in Melbourne, Australia. She lives near the beach with her husband and a beagle that has about as much attitude as her human.

She draws inspiration from her own overthinking, sometimes frightening imagination, and everything that makes life interesting – complicated relationships, unexpected twists, new experiences and good food and coffee. Life is not worth living without good food and coffee!

She believes sarcasm is the highest form of wit and has the vocabulary of a highly educated, well-read sailor. When she’s not writing, thinking about writing, planning when she can write next, or reading other people’s writing, she loves to travel and learn new things.




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