Bad Bad Girl by Angel Devlin ~ Release Blitz w/ 4 Star Review!

Angel Devlin’s bully romance novel Bad Bad Girl is out now!

BAD BAD GIRL (Rats of Richstone #2) by Angel Devlin
Release Date: May 13th


Tragedy has rocked Richstone and the ‘rats’ and ‘the riches’ may never be the same again.

Reeling from recent events, Phoebe Ridley finds herself numb. While she tries to come to terms with her grief, one thing keeps her focused.


With a list of people she vows to ruin, this good girl is going bad. Very, very bad.

And Liam Lawson? The guy who started the rats’ pact to ensnare one of the riches? He’s on her list too.

There are still games to be played.

Secrets to be revealed.

And all hell to break loose.

When the dust settles and her enemies have faced their ruin, will Liam be at her side, or on his knees?


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Feels 3
Steam 2
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Bad Bad Girl is the second book in The Rats of Richstone duet and picks up where the first book left off with that crazy intense cliffhanger that came out of left field. I swear my jaw almost hit the floor…it was insane! I honestly struggled to get through most of the first book. It just didn’t work for me and I admit I was hesitant starting this story. I didn’t have very high hopes, but this book was so good! The drama, suspense, overload of angst…it was all there. The author nailed it with this follow up!

Phoebe has had enough of Richstone and can’t wait to get the hell out of dodge as soon as she graduates. But she has a few scores to settle before she leaves and never looks back. Growing up with the rich and elite wasn’t always as glamourous as it seemed. So many secrets, lies and abuse but when her friends were violently taken from her Phoebe Ridley finally breaks. Revenge is the only thing that will fix what has been broken.

“I’d allowed myself until midnight. As the new day dawned, it was time for Phoebe Ridley to wake up from this nightmare for long enough to wreak revenge on all those responsible and all those who thought I was a pawn in their game.”

This book grabbed me and pulled me in right from the start. I wasn’t sure how Liam would fit in at times because the main focus of this book was wrapped tightly around Phoebe’s insatiable need for revenge. But he fit in perfectly when and where he was needed the most. We saw a different side of Phoebe and I was a big fan of how the author peeled back all the layers of her character. We saw a different side of Liam as well. He was no longer just a rat from the wrong side of the tracks. He was so much more. I love the growth both of these characters had.

“I might let Phoebe know that she was under my skin. That when I was with her, the darkness wasn’t so bad.”

A ton of shit happened in this book. It was fast paced and in your face. There were times so much was going on that I did get a little confused and parts were lost on me. But the author pulls us right back into the chaos and puts us back on track. The ending wrapped up Phoebe and Liam’s story perfectly, and I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

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About Angel Devlin

Angel Devlin likes to write about bad boys and billionaires. She lives in Sheffield in the UK with her partner, son, and furbaby.

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