Bloody Kingdom by Kayleigh King ~ Release Blitz w/ 4.5 Star Review & Excerpt!

Title: Bloody Kingdom
Series: Crimson Crown #1
Author: Kayleigh King
Genre: Paranormal/Vampire Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2021


This isn’t a fairytale.

I dethroned Prince Charming long ago.

They call me the King of darkness and death.

Ruler of the underworld.

My reign is ruthless, my word is the law.

If I want it, I take it, regardless of the bloodshed.

But then she walks into my life.

I don’t want her, I need her.

She can fight, she can beg, but her fate is sealed.

Until her debt is paid, she’s mine.

She ran from her old life, but she can’t outrun me.

Welcome to my Bloody Kingdom, Quincey Page

Bloody Kingdom is a twisted fairytale retelling with paranormal elements. It is not suitable for all readers due to the sexually explicit scenes, strong language, and physical and sexual violence. Please consider this before reading.

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Feels 3
Steam 3
Storyline 5
Overall Rating 4.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

I was so excited to sink my teeth into this book because it held the promise of one of my favorite things…Vampires. I am always up for a good, dark paranormal read and this one did not disappoint one bit! Tons of suspense, crazy twists, intense characters and a great storyline. This book has it all and then some. It did take a little bit for me to be fully hooked because it was a slow build up but once it hit a certain point I was fully immersed in the world of the Crimson Crown. I couldn’t get enough. That cliffhanger though…I mean what the hell was that? I was so frustrated but also very impressed because what an epic way to end the book and I’m already dying for more.

“You’re the king of this chessboard of yours. I know I’m nothing but a pawn, so just make your move already.”

No matter how far Quincey tries to run from her past it always catches up with her. Now she is left with a debt to repay. One that wasn’t rightfully hers but that doesn’t matter to those trying to collect on it. In the middle of a dark alley, the debt she knew that no matter what she’d never be able to pay changes hands and now there is a new player in the game…Silas.

“She may have run from her past life, but I’m dragging her into mine. Welcome to my bloody kingdom, Quincey Page.”

Silas needs someone with a particular skill set to help him with a very delicate matter. That’s where Quincy comes in. She’s not bending to his will by choice and it definitely shows by how she pushes back and stands her ground. I loved that about her but as far as Silas is concerned, until her debt is paid on full, she belongs to him. Silas is not just your run of the mill dark and sexy Vampire. I mean sure he’s broody and possessive but there is so much more to him. He may be known to others as the king of darkness and death, but to Quincey, he is a man who is struggling with his needs and humanity. She is just as drawn to that side of him as much as she is prepared to drown in his darkness. I loved the story and the characters and even the killer cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see where the author takes this story next. If you love a good, dark PRN than take a chance on Bloody Kingdom. You won’t be disappointed!

“Let’s see how strong the King is once he loses his Queen.”


She nervously licks her lips, wincing when her tongue brushes the cut that now resides there. “Why am I here?” Quincey questions. “What do you want from me? Money?” She shakes her head. “I don’t have anything to give you.”

              I bark out a cold laugh. “I’m well aware of your financial situation.”

She’s already cost me a pretty penny.

              Quincey presses against the headboard even harder, as if that extra inch of space between us will do her any good. The poor girl has no idea who she’s trapped in a room with. “Then you know I have nothing to offer you.” She pushes her hair out of her face. “I have nothing.”

The way her eyes dart between the door and me doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s not as sly as she thinks she’s being, I know what she’s planning. It’s foolish, but once again, her bravery knows no bounds.

              “That is where you’re wrong, Quincey Page.” I come to a stop at the foot of her bed. Cocking my head, I eye her with a bland stare. “You have something I need.”

              Her body goes rigid, the muscles of her throat shifting as she swallows hard. In a move that is shockingly fast and agile for a human, she springs from the bed. Even with a wounded ankle, she’s quick as she flies across the room. The white T-shirt the doctor changed her into rides up her legs as she sprints toward the door.

              With an exasperated sigh, I look to the ceiling and count to five to calm myself. I stay put even when I hear the turning of the door handle and her bare feet pound down the hallway. She can run as much as she’d like, but unfortunately for her, she’s not getting very far. It doesn’t matter how much of a head start I give her, she’ll never outrun me.

              Ten seconds, that’s how long I let her have before I fly after her. I’m behind her in less than a second. The scream she lets out as my arms wrap around her middle is loud enough to wake the dead. My sensitive ears ring from the high-pitched noise.

              “Stop screaming,” I order. “It’s such an unpleasant noise.” The cries are cut off when I abruptly lift her over my shoulder. Her legs kick and thrash, her hands beat on my lower back. “That’s enough of that,” I grumble, clamping my arm around her thighs, locking her in place.

              “How did you move so fast? Put me down!” Quincey growls, her hands never letting up from their assault on my back. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

              “More than you’ll ever be able to understand.” 

              I march back into the room I intend to be hers for the foreseeable future. Unceremoniously, I toss her back onto the king-size bed. I bite back a smirk as she lands in an ungraceful heap.

Like an angered kitten, she turns on me, teeth bared. “I don’t know who you think you are or who gave you the right, but you can’t just kidnap me and then manhandle me!”

In a flash, I’m towering over her, my arms caging her in on the bed. Her chest heaves just barely an inch away from mine. “You’re wrong again, Miss Page. I have every fucking right. You see, five hours ago I forfeited a large sum of money to obtain such rights. It is now my right to hold you here as long as I see fit. It is now my right to manhandle you however I desire. It is now my right to do whatever the fuck I want with you because that little debt of yours? It’s been paid.” I lean in close, so close the vanilla scent that clings to her suffocates me. “You no longer owe Barrett Gallo.” My voice is just a whisper. “You owe me.”

Her heart pounds against her chest, the erratic beat filling my ears. “Why the hell would you pay my debt?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I question. “I want you indebted to me.”


#2 Midnight Queen – Releasing August 27



Kayleigh lives in Denver Colorado, just two hours away from some of the best skiing in the world. A luxury completely lost on her considering she avoids snow at all costs. Well, she avoids outside at all costs—she’s what you’d call an ‘indoor cat’. She much prefers to sit inside on her computer all day drinking massive amounts of caffeine. She’d have an IV drip of the stuff connected to her if she could. 

When she’s not writing, you can find her binge-watching Netflix like it’s her job. Or at the local Mexican restaurant, because the girl loves tacos and margaritas. 



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