Crowned Crows of Thorne Point by Veronica Eden ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

Veronica Eden
Release Date: June 28

What’s worth the price of a secret?

To get an audience, you have to give up something. A secret, a favor…something that hurts. Welcome to Thorne Point, where darkness rules.

I enrolled at Thorne Point University to be closer to my brother.
Now my world is falling apart.
Ethan is missing.
Every day I can’t find him it plays on repeat.
The search for answers turns up nothing and I’m running out of options.
But there’s a rumor on campus.
And I’m desperate enough to seek out the Crows as my last resort.
Wren Thorne’s reputation precedes him, but I won’t take no for an answer.

The night belongs to us.
We run this town.
Wear the rumors like crowns.
But after losing the most important thing to me, my brothers are all I have left.
Our bond runs deeper than blood.
When Rowan comes looking for our help, I do one thing I shouldn’t: break all my rules.
She asked for monsters? I’ll show her one.

Warning: This is part of a continuing series and each book ends on a cliffhanger!

Crowned Crows of Thorne Point is a dark new adult enemies to lovers college romantic suspense intended for mature readers. This book is the first in the Crowned Crows series following a gritty brotherhood of antihero bad boys and the feisty heroines that capture their hearts. Each book in the series should be read in order to understand the continuing plot. If you’re not a fan of morally bankrupt book boyfriends, steer clear. This mature new adult romance contains dubious situations, crude language, and intense sexual/violent content that some readers might find triggering or offensive. Please proceed with caution.

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Feels 4
Steam 3
Storyline 5
Overall Rating 5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Check your morals at the door and come take a walk on the dark side with the first book in the Crowned Crows series by Veronica Eden. I’m a sucker for a really well written dark romance and this one was everything I love about them and more. It’s twisted. It’s dark. And it’s completely deranged. A complex and addicting story with even more complicated and addicting characters. I literally could not get enough of this book. I devoured it and didn’t want it to end. And then the damn ending?! What the hell was that? OMG. I loved this book so much and can not wait for more!

“To get an audience, you have to give up something. A secret, a favor…something that hurts. Welcome to Thorne Point, where darkness rules.”

Rowan enrolled at Thorne Point University to stay close to her brother who has suddenly disappeared. After exhausting all efforts she can to find him and figure out what happened, she knows she has no choice. She has to turn to the one group of people who may be able to help her find Ethan. The Crowned Crows.

“The Crowned Crows. Thorne Point’s own version of the mafia according to the rumors.”

Wren Thorne and his group run Thorne Point. You either love them or hate them but one thing is for sure, you will fear them. Rowan knows this. She’s heard all the rumors. She knows what she’s getting herself into but she has no other choice, right? The Crowned Crows are ruthless and wild but she needs their help. The only problem is you can’t exactly pay for them to help you. Oh no, it’s not that easy. They require something special. A secret or in Rowan’s case…a favor.

“Instead of fearing or shying away from the damaged monster before her, the only thing alight in her eyes is desire.”

Wren breaks all his rules when it comes to Rowan. What will happen when the time comes to cash in on the favor she promised? I loved both these characters. Rowan was sassy and could hold her own against king Wren…as hard as he pushed she didn’t back down. Wren was ruthless, dark and so damn hot. That mouth of his…omg yes please! He had this whole mysterious vibe going on. There was not an ounce of doubt that he had to always be in control. But sometimes that control would slip and you’d see there is so much more to him than meets the eye. These two were so hot together…I loved it. I also really, really loved the relationship that developed between Rowan and the rest of the group. It was one of my favorite parts of the book. If you like an insanely good enemies to lovers dark romance, do yourself a favor and read this book! I can’t wait to see what the author has in store for us next!

“He kisses as he approaches everything else-with power and control, expecting no resistance.”

Meet Veronica Eden

Veronica Eden is an international bestselling author of dark new adult romances + reverse harem romances with spitfire heroines and irresistible heroes.

She loves exploring complicated feelings, magical worlds, epic adventures, and the bond of characters that embrace us against the world. She has always been drawn to gruff bad boys, clever villains, and the twisty-turns of morally gray decisions. She believes sometimes the villain should get the girl and is a sucker for a deliciously devilish antihero. Veronica also writes romance as Mara Townsend. When not writing, she can be found soaking up sunshine at the beach, snuggling in a pile with her untamed pack of animals (her husband, dog and cats), and surrounding herself with as many plants as she can get her hands on.

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