The Lies We Steal by Monty Jay ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

Monty Jay
Release Date: September 23

It’s been months since the day we stood above that empty grave that stunk of burnt flesh and secrets. All of us were dressed to the nines, one of us wearing a wedding dress, a day that was supposed to mark the beginning of a new adventure.

It marked the bitter end of our vengeance.

We have done things that have marked our souls for eternity.

But before we get there, we have to go back.

Back to where it all started.

The place I could find in my sleep.

Hollow Heights University in the macabre, somber seaside town of Ponderosa Springs.

A college for prestigious, wealthy children to receive the highest education. A town drowning in treachery and secrets that became our damnation.

But it wasn’t the forest surrounding the grounds or even the mysterious hidden mausoleum that haunted me.

It was them.

The ones that lurked in the night, things so wicked, so twisted, so evil, they would become the rulers of my nightmares.

The Hollow Boys.

One wrong move and I landed myself directly in their line of fire.

This is not a story about love, it is not a story of happy endings.

Love just happened to blossom in our sorrows, in our pain, our fear, our blood.

Every terrible thing they ever did, we watched, we helped, we loved them anyway.

Some run from their monsters, we fell in love with ours.

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Feels 4
Steam 4
Storyline 5
Overall Rating 5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

What the actual fuck did I just read?! The author wastes no time and throws us right into the dark, twisted and completely chaotic world of the Hollow Boys. Ponderosa Springs is full of secrets, lies, death and betrayal. I was completely invested in everything this story dished out from the start to insane finish that left me desperate for more.

“They walked out, one after the other like demonic dominions, falling in perfect alignment. Each one of them so different, yet they look like they meshed so well. Like knives and blood.”

The Hollow Boys are the black sheep of the extremely wealthy town of Ponderosa Springs. Alistair, Silas, Rook and Thatcher were the boys that could make your worst nightmares a reality. Everyone, including the teachers, knew to steer clear of them. If you did by some unfortunate circumstance get in their way, they’d destroy you in the worse way possible and smile while spilling your blood. They are sick and depraved. Each of them were such unique and amazing characters and so well written. When they lose someone close to them, they vow to do whatever it takes to uncover the secrets surrounding what happened. What they didn’t anticipate was the new girl on campus…Briar.

“There was just something about Alistair Caldwell that made me panic. Something inside of him was so dark, so damned, that it called to the deepest parts of my soul.”

Briar was excited to start over. The elite halls of Hollow Heights are a big change from her small trailer park in Texas. No one here will know who and what she was in her old life. That is until she crosses paths with Alistair Caldwell and the rest of the Hollow Boys. Alistair is used to people fearing him, but Briar pushes back and becomes a thorn in his side. One he would normally pull out and crush but instead…let the fucked up twisted games begin. But what happens when the Boys find out Briar has a hidden talent? A secret from her past that may just come in handy helping them solve the mystery they so desperately want the answers to?

“She was mine. And now, you’re going to see what happens when someone fucks with things that belong to me.”

I really loved each of these complex and dark characters. The Hollow Boys were so depraved and dangerous…I just could not get enough. Briar was kick ass. She gave back as much as she got and she didn’t tuck tail and run. She stayed and fought. I also loved Lyra. She was a fantastic asset to the story. And OMG the sexual tension between Alistair and Briar was fucking intense…like so hot. This was a fantastic start to a new series. If you love to walk on the dark side, read this book. You won’t be disappointed!

Meet Monty Jay

Monty Jay likes to describe herself as a punk rock kid, with the soul of a gypsy who has a Red Bull addiction. She writes romance novels about insane artists, feisty females, hockey players, and many more.

When she isn’t writing she can be found reading anything Stephen King, getting a tattoo, or eating cold pizza.

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