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The final installment in the dark romance series from the bestselling author of the Rebels at Sterling Prep series…

Loving one guy is hard.

Loving three… well, it should be more than a girl like Sadie Ray Dalton can handle.

But Sadie knows where she belongs, and it’s right beside her guys.

Life in Savage Falls is finally calming down. Dane is preparing to step up and take over the Red Ridge Sinners, Rhett is accepting an unconventional life with his princess, and Wes is adapting to his new role within the club.

 But another enemy is circling—one who’s closer than they realize.

One who won’t stop until the Sinners MC are on their knees.

Sadie and her guys all want their happily-ever-after, but they should know by now, nothing in life comes easy.

One last time, they’re going to have to fight for it.

And hope everyone makes it out alive.

SEVER is a full length dark enemies-to-lovers/bully romance. This is a why choose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. It is book four in the series and must be read after SAVAGE, SACRIFICE, and SACRED. It contains mature content that some readers may find distressing.


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Feels 4
Steam 5
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Sever picks up right where Sacred left us…with that monster cliffhanger. Darren Creed is dead. Some major club players are behind bars. Dane received some life changing news. And it’s all still complete and total chaos at the compound. Sadie needs her men more now than ever, and they all will do anything to protect their queen.

“Coming back to Savage Falls, I felt like nothing could come between us.”

This book certainly starts and ends with a bang. There is nonstop action, tons of drama, unbreakable loyalty and of course, the overload of steamy scenes we’ve come to expect and enjoy in this series. I honestly think the steam and level of intensity in this book went up a few dozen notches. It was craziness. As Sadie and her guys’ relationship grew and they ALL got closer so did the level of comfort. There were some super explosive scenes between a few characters that I absolutely loved. I didn’t know I wanted or needed those parts to happen, but omg I’m so glad they did. So fucking hot!

“We have each other. If one of us hurts, we all hurt. And if one of us falls, the rest of us will be right there to help them back up.”

We can’t get through one of these books without someone getting hurt or kidnapped. When Sadie goes missing Rhett, Dane and Wes will burn the city to the fucking ground to find her and make those responsible pay. Some crazy shit happened while she was gone and the author didn’t shy away at all from details. Let’s just say the person responsible is a twisted fucker. Then we have Dane dealing with news of who he truly is and what that could mean for him. What cut will he choose? What will that mean for Sadie?

“I want the pain, the torment. The truth.”

Tons of heat in this book. As much as I hate to say it, at times the actual story got lost a little for me because I felt like at certain parts I wanted more than the sex. I know, I know. The steam is one of the things that makes this series so amazing…don’t get me wrong. I loved it but at points I was like okay…I got it. I loved Sadie. She is such an amazing kick ass character that loves her men something fierce. Rhett was still his overprotective broody self, but he also showed a little softer side this time around. Wes was amazing as always. I was so glad to see some of the choices he made in this book. He ended up where he belonged all along. Dane may have stolen my heart a little more this time around. He had some tough shit thrown at him and with the help of Sadie and the guys he made it through. The four of them together are an unstoppable force. The bond they share is unbreakable. A great end to a fantastic series!

“They each own a piece of my heart, and without them – all of them – I won’t be whole.”

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Release Date: December 7th

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