Pembroke Prep by Becker Gray ~ Release Blitz w/ 4 Star Review!

Pembroke Prep by Becker Gray is now live!

“A forbidden romance full of angst and delicious desire. You’re not going to want to leave Pembroke Prep.” – Amazon Top #10 bestselling author Ivy Smoak

The rich boy with a powerful family…
The new girl with her head down…
A scorching hot bully romance!

“From arrogant boys and the school that made them kings, to pleated skirts and scandalous kisses, Wicked Idol is a refreshing take on my favorite genre. I couldn’t put this book down. Becker Gray is one to watch!” – Mary Catherine Gebhard, author of Heartless Hero

PEMBROKE PREP contains 3 full-length novels. Walk the halls of the most exclusive prep school alongside the band of friends called the Hellfire Club.

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Feels 4
Steam 5
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Pembroke Prep is a new box set from Author Becker Gray that includes three full length books from the Hellfire Club Series: Wicked Idol, Callous Prince and Brutal Blueblood. Each book focuses on a different couple and are interconnected standalones.

Wicked Idol-
Iris Briggs is the new girl on campus and wants to keep her head down, finish the school year and get the hell out of dodge to focus on her true passion…photography. Kind of hard to stay low key when you’re the new headmaster’s daughter and spill coffee all over the king of the Hellfire Club on your very first day.

Kingston Constantine is an asshole. He was also the king of campus with high expectations weighing down on him. His family wanted something from him. For years he pretended to want that too, until Iris Briggs changed everything. There was a ton of push and pull with these two. Iris was shy but stood her ground when needed. Kingston came off as a complete asshole until he started showing a whole other side as the story progressed. I started out not really knowing if he’d be able to redeem himself and give Iris the love she deserved. But, in the end, I was really pulling for these two.

“Would it be so terrible? To fall in love with him? It would be if he didn’t love you back. Because that – it would break me. Of that I had no doubt.”

Callous Prince-
Lincoln Ward has made it no secret that he loathes Sloane and relishes torturing her at every opportunity. Little does she know he blames her father for what happened to his family and therefore, blames her. Sloane’s spy father actually planted her at Pembroke to infiltrate the Prince and his family. To uncover the secrets he is sure they are hiding. There is no love lost between these two. For as much as they hate each other, they also clearly want each other. Their chemistry was off the charts hot. I loved Sloane, but she was supposed to be sort of this crazy scary badass. Sometimes she seemed to take everything Prince Lincoln dealt out. I was waiting for more of a push back from her…more of a fuck you. With that being said, this was much more of a bully romance than the first book and I loved that. Callous Prince was definitely my favorite of the three.

“Lennox Lincoln-Ward. A literal, actual prince. The most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. And also the worst. The meanest and the most heartless. Callous beyond belief.”

Brutal Blueblood-
Tanith has wanted Owen Montgomery for the last three years but he barely knew she existed at Pembroke. Owen was the quiet one of the Hellfire Club. He was also the one that everyone said has the coldest heart and didn’t give anyone the time of day. Until one kiss changed so many things for both him and Tanith. He was set to take charge of the family company. She was the scholarship kid who worked her ass off to succeed. They’re from two totally different walks of life but are completely drawn to each other…like a moth to the flame. This was a slow burn romance but worked so well because I really did enjoy watching both of these characters grow. I loved how independent and sure of herself and her worth Tanith was. She wanted Owen but wasn’t willing to settle for less than she deserved. That was my favorite thing about her. Owen made a shit ton of mistakes when it came to Tanith. But he owned up to it and laid himself bare for her…his family could be damned. He wanted his girl and would do whatever it takes to get her. Where Callous Prince was my favorite book of the three…Owen was by far my favorite character.

“I want to break you the same way you’ve broken me.”

Walk the halls of the most exclusive prep school alongside the band of friends called the Hellfire Club with these three full length novels by Becker Gray.

Meet Becker Gray

Becker Gray is the brainchild of two best friends who love rich boys in peacoats.  The Hellfire Club is their first series together. 

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