Fighter by S. Massery ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

Fighter by S. Massery is now LIVE!!!


Sterling Falls is a dark, gothic reverse harem romance series with enemies to lovers, romantic suspense, and new adult themes. Fighter is book 2 in the Sterling Falls Series and a continuation of Thief – it is not a standalone.

Warning: the blurb contains spoilers for the first book in the series.


What doesn’t kill me…

Waking up in the hospital after the fire is a relief that’s swiftly followed by horror. Cerberus James, the leader of the Hell Hounds and auction winner, has come to claim me.

He wants the guys back under his control, and I’m the leverage.

He’s got plans for us.

But Cerberus should know that Jace, Wolfe, and Apollo won’t go down easy–and neither will I.

I’ve got more fight in me than any of them know.

And he’s going to learn that the hard way.



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Feels 4
Steam 5
Storyline 5
Overall Rating 5
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Reviewed by Stephanie

After those jaw dropping cliffhangers we were left with at the end of Thief, I was desperate to see where the author would take this book. OMG, she did not disappoint…not one bit. I am literally OBSESSED with this series. S. Massery gives us dark RH the way it’s supposed to be done and I, for one, can’t get enough.

“Angry girl. Invisible girl. Flower. Chaos.”

Fighter unceremoniously tosses us right back into the total fucking chaos of Sterling Falls along with Kora and her Greek Gods. So much happened in book one. I needed answers but it seemed for every answer I thought we had a new mystery comes along. Leaving another trail of unanswered questions. There were times I felt completely lost and utterly confused. Usually in a book that would drive me crazy, but it somehow worked with this one. The author definitely keeps us guessing the entire way through.

“This city has filled many into dust. And some, it’s carved into weapons. I think It’s up to you who you want to become.”

I loved Kora in book one but sometimes I wanted to throat punch her. In this book, her character growth was fantastic. It was still Kora but a more kick ass version of her. I liked this one much better and all thoughts of throat punching vanished. And the guys, what can I say about the guys. Jace is still a mystery to me, and I don’t really know if I like him. I desperately need to know what he’s hiding and the sexual tension between these two is insane! I love Apollo. He’s loyal, sexy and will protect Kora at all costs. But Wolfe? Wolfe is intense. The scenes between him and Kora were so damn hot…and the jealousy. I loved the jealousy and the possessiveness. I think it’s safe to say I am obsessed with Wolfe. He is by far my favorite. They will do anything to protect Kora, but will it be enough?

“Once she joined us, there was never a possibility of leaving.”

It should probably come as no surprise but this one also ends on a cliffhanger. I did not see that ending coming at all. I honestly am not sure how I feel about it. I have so many questions and need answers. Who is the mystery masked man? What the hell are Jace, Marley, the sheriff, Kora’s parents, the list could go on and on…what are they all hiding? Marley and her whole little group are sketchy as hell. They’re obviously jealous of Kora, but there is more there. What about Kronos? And Wolf’s Dad? There are so many dangers, secrets and mystery surrounding Kora and Sterling Falls. I can’t wait for Rebel to find out what happens next!


Start the Series with Thief #1!!!

About S. Massery

S. Massery, AKA Sara, is a dark romance author from Massachusetts. She enjoys twisting, suspenseful tales with dark anti-heroes and sassy heroines.​

Her journey started when she was a little girl, dreaming of stories and frantically trying to capture her dreams on paper. She completed her first novel, Something Special, in 2018, and she has been unstoppable ever since.

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