Deadly Games by Faith Summers ~ Blog Tour w/ 4 Star Review!

Deadly Games by Faith Summers is NOW AVAILABLE!

Title: Deadly Games
Author: Faith Summers
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2022


We were supposed to be two passing ships on an unforgettable night…

I accepted a foolish dare that changed everything-pretend you’re someone you aren’t until sunrise.

I chose to be normal and free.

Not bound by the duties my father forced on me.

The sinfully gorgeous god-like man staring at me in the club with the I’m-going-to-devour-you smile was who I picked to be normal and free with.

It didn’t matter that he looked like the kind of villain I should run from.

Mercilessly, he claimed my virtue.

And something I never knew existed until him.

That was supposed to be it.One night. One time. One fantasy.

At sunrise, we’d go our separate ways.

Except, I never knew my one-night stand would turn out to be my father’s new bodyguard.

Or… that he isn’t who he says he is.

Not only does Lukiyan Romanechka have dark secrets and a separate agenda that’s about to fuel a war, but there’s also something else he wants.Me…

Like Hades he wants to steal me away from the light and take me to his dark world.And I just might let him.Deadly Games is a dark mafia romance inspired by Hades & Persephone’s story. It contains dubious situations, mature content, and graphic violence some readers might find offensive and/or triggering.

This is a complete STANDALONE.



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Feels 2
Storyline 4
Steam 3
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

I enjoyed this story. Persephone and Lukiyan are worlds apart. Persephone is a mafia princess whose father is forcing her hand in marriage to a man I would have liked to kill myself. While away, she meets a hot, alpha stranger and has a one night stand with him. A night that will have to last her a lifetime. She leaves before he has a chance to get her name, and it was one of the hardest things she has to do. Lukiyan is set on revenge for the death of his sister. He takes an undercover job as a bodyguard to get close to the person he is convinced is responsible for her death. While spending some time grieving before he takes this position, he has a one night encounter with a woman who he is immediately attracted to and the sex is off the charts. But when he wakes up and she is gone, he tables his emotions and gets ready to go after his sister’s killer.

Imagine both their surprise when Lukiyan shows up to be Persephone’s new bodyguard. Knowing their one night stand cannot be found out, they pretend to not know each other but the pull between them is too great. These two have some hot steamy moments but for some reason beyond the sex I did not feel a connection! I wanted to but it felt forced to me. If they had more than a connection with the sex scenes and in common, it would have been a better fit for me. There was a few twists and turns and I saw most of them coming. It was a solid book and I would read more from this author.


Faith Summers is the Dark Contemporary Romance pen name of USA Today Bestselling Author, Khardine Gray.

Warning!! Expect wild romance stories of the scorching hot variety and deliciously dark romance with the kind of alpha male bad boys best reserved for your fantasies.

Dive in and enjoy her naughty page-turners.







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