Three Little Words by Madison Park ~ Release Blitz w/ Excerpt!

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Will I whisper those three little words she wants to hear? Or will I break her heart and mine?

Title: Three Little Words
Author: Madison Park
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: October 13, 2021


While my crew at West End Prep is comprised of the ridiculously attractive and wealthy, I stand apart as filthy freaking rich. 

My name is Preston Castillo, and I’m the leader of the West End Prep’s Elite. With senior year about to begin, my friends and I are looking forward to doing what we do best. 


Getting girls.  

Spending boatloads of cash. 

I get what I want when I want it. No questions asked. Sure, I’ve been known to be cold. Heartless. Cruel. But lately, Aubrey has managed to break through my icy facade. She’s one of the few girls in my inner circle, and has been one of my closest friends since we were playdoh partners in crime in daycare. 

Over the summer, we had a great time jet-setting off to Paris. But it was there I realized she wants to be more than friends. Knowing what’s at risk, I’m not ready to make a decision like this. But when fate steps in to deliver a cruel surprise, I’m left fearing there won’t be enough time to show her how much she truly means to me. 

Will I whisper those three little words she wants to hear? Or will I break her heart and mine?


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Feels 3
Storyline 3.5
Steam 1
Overall Rating 3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

For me, this book was all over the place and I had a hard time following all of the storylines. Preston is one of a group of very rich, spoiled kids that go to an elite school. All of the kids in the group have more then one issue stemming from divorced or cheating parents. Pres is the dirty dog of the group and treats girls like dirt…plain and simple. He is crude and rude and I’m not sure how his friends put up with them.

Aubrey is head over heels in love with Preston and those feelings were confirmed on a Paris group trip. Evidently they grew very close and spent a ton of time together. I got a little lost here. Aubrey only referred to fragments from this trip and thought he had feelings for her. Clearly he didn’t…or just didn’t know it then?

After summer, they are back in school getting along but sometimes they get so mean and nasty with each other I had to look back a few pages to see if I missed something. It was hard for me to follow and not clearly written. There were way too many moving parts with all of the friends’ and families’ issues in this book. I didn’t know where to look first. Too many things were popping up with other characters that it distracted me from Preston and Aubrey. This group is highly dysfunctional and I’m not sure why some are even friends…very odd dynamics.

I wanted to love this book…I really did. Perhaps if the author had kept most of the focus on Aubrey and Preston and gave us more background, maybe I would have liked it more. I felt like there was just too much going on with everyone. I think these other storylines needed their own books rather than too many details in this story.


I survived the first week of school. I hitched a ride with Lawrence and Victoria every day. Mark headed to school by himself every morning and avoided me like the plague at home and in school. I still don’t know what’s really eating at him, but my twin superpowers tell me that he’s pissed off at my dad more than he misses him. I hear footsteps pass by my bedroom door and shout.


“No,” Mark responds.

“Please?” I plead.

The doorknob turns and Mark is standing in the doorway with his shoulder resting against the doorframe.

“What?” he growls.

“I’m sorry.”

He crosses his arms against his chest, purses his lips and raises an eyebrow at me.

“Apology accepted.” He says giving me a wink. “I’m heading out. We’ll talk later, okay?”

I nod. He turns and walks out of the bedroom toward his room. My cell phone rings, and I grab it then lay on my bed.

“Hello.” I greet, placing the call on speakerphone.

“Hey, Bree, are you meeting us for brunch?” Addie asks.

“Oh, hey, Addie, yes. Where are we meeting?”

“Victoria said we’re meeting at The Blueridge Grill.”

“Got it. What time?”


“I only have an hour to get ready.”

“Tiffany insists that you dress to impress. There are always some cuties hanging out there.”

I huff and shake my head. Addie is talking about married men with wives and their children. Addie, real name Addison, is my dazzling redheaded bestie, with sky blue eyes that light up the night sky. She’s never dated a guy in our high school and only lusts after married men. She’s an old soul and loves eighties music. She refuses to let me give myself to just any guy at West End Prep. Yes. I’m a virgin. Our conversations over the phone at night are about setting up a website to sell my virginity to the highest bidder. She’s definitely not all together, but she’s a really smart businessperson. She has men lined up for me. I’m not thrilled about her moral convictions, but she wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“It’s brunch, Addie and, um, that’s your territory. Addie?”


“Can we talk for a minute, you know, like on a serious note?”

“Sure. What’s wrong?”

“You know I’m here for you if you ever need me, right? I mean, I get really nervous when you talk about all these men you’ve been with. I’m scared for you. I worry.”

“You don’t have to worry. If my mother doesn’t worry, why should you?”

“That’s just it, Addie, your mother’s not doing her job. I want to be there for you, but I just don’t know how. I’m really afraid someone’s wife is going to hurt you.”

“I’ve had to fight off my mother’s boyfriends for years. Don’t worry so much, okay?”

“No, it’s not okay. I don’t want you to get hurt. Promise me you’ll stop dating older men and at least try to date some guys your own age.”

“Where is this coming from? Are you jealous?”

“Addie, don’t,” I clip. “Don’t do that. We’re friends and I love you.”

“Well, then I’m lucky someone loves me. Just look cute, okay? Try it. You might like it,” she insists.

Her voice cracks and my heart breaks. I change the subject to avoid hurting her feelings any more than I probably already have.

“Me? I always look impeccably cute, but you, I’m worried about you, you know that, right?”

Addie chuckles nervously.

“Yes, I know, but I’m smart, Bree. No-strings attached, gifts and money and I don’t have to give my heart to anyone. Can’t beat that.”

“You have your own money. You don’t need anything from those married men.”

“I need peace of mind. I don’t get it at home, Bree. I’m ignored by my mother and chased by her boyfriends.” There is silence on the other end of the phone. I can hear her exhale and that’s my cue to stop talking. “Are you coming or not?”

“I’ll be there.” I end the call and throw my cell phone on the bed.

Now…to find something to wear is another story. I rummage through my closet, placing my fingers along each velvet hanger trying to find something to wear. I place my finger on a short, red maxi dress. Grabbing it, I place it on the hook on the back of my bedroom door. I smile for a moment and remember the red bathing suit I wore at the beach in Paris.

My toes were nestled in the warm sand as tiny pebbles slid in between them. Pres was in the water with the guys horsing around, making a fool out of himself. He jumped on Lawrence’s back, then lifted his hand in the air and waved at me. I give him a half smile and he jumped off Lawrence’s back and ran toward me.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asks.

“Yeah. Are you having fun?”

His lips curved into a warm smile, then he scanned my body with his eyes.

“What are you doing?” I asked incredulously.

“I like red. It’s my favorite color, especially when it’s wrapped around your body.”

“Oh really?” I said flirtatiously. He leaned in, then grabbed me by the waist, lifted me up into his arms and ran toward the water. “Pres, no!” I screamed wrapping my legs around his waist. “Please…” I begged. He stopped right at the edge of the water.

“If I let you go, will you get in the water with me?”

My eyes grew wide. He placed me down and glanced up at me. He knew I was about to run like hell. My instincts kicked in and I turned and ran away. He chased after me and I laughed until he grabbed me by the waist again, lifted me and tossed me into the water with him. We laughed like we did when we used to play hide and seek in Central Park West.

My pulse races just thinking about him. I sit on the edge of my bed for a moment remembering our time together. Now, it’s back to basics, just friends, part of the crew, even though, it’s not what I want. He has an agenda this year and I’m not part of it. He didn’t even message me once when we got back from Paris. I was just Bree to him again and I guess that’s all I’ll ever be.


Madison Park is enjoying the second part of her life! She loves writing romance books and is passionate about all things love related. Madison lives in Putnam County, New York with her youngest son. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Madison shopping for shoes and makeup! The addiction is real. Makeup is a must and pink lip gloss is her favorite! She never leaves home without it. You can find Madison on Facebook. She loves to interact with her readers so please reach out to her. She’s currently making an Instagram, Goodreads and Twitter account. Stay tuned for more from Madison Park Books, Romance Author. Madison Park, Writing Stories from The Heart.



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Dirty Little Secret by L.K. Farlow ~ Release Blitz

Title: Dirty Little Secret
Author: LK Farlow
Genre: New Adult
Older Brother’s Best Friend Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2021


She’s always been off-limits. Forbidden. Way too young for the likes of me.

And yet, she still managed to carve out a space for herself in my heart.

But when push came to shove, I made the only choice I could, and I did it even knowing it would break her heart.

I’m back now, and ready to make her mine. Only, she’s not the sweet girl I left behind. She’s wild, reckless, and sexy-as-hell…a challenge I’m all too eager to meet.

He was only ever meant to be a crush. After all, what girl isn’t into her older brother’s best friend?

But somehow, our innocent flirting quickly gave way to so much more. He swore he felt the same way about me… he promised we’d tell my brother together the day I turned eighteen.

Except the night before my birthday, he did the unthinkable, and now I’m not sure I know how to forgive him.

All I know is, I refuse to be anyone’s dirty little secret.


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Feels 0
Steam 0
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

I was excited for this book considering the storyline included a little sister with a crush on her older brother’s best friend. However, it didn’t connect for me. I LOVE when a little sibling falls for older sibiling’s bestie but for me, the age difference was a little too far apart. I see other reviewers talking about the forbidden “chemistry” these two had, but I felt it was a bit creepy. Stella has a major crush on Samson since she was eight years old. Samson had some sort of attraction to her because he always included her in what he and her older brother were doing.

There are a few close calls as they are growing up and it seemed icky to me. Not hot at all and in no way a sexual attraction to a child. Once she is about to hit eighteen, they make a pact that they will make their relationship public. Only Samson chickens out and disappears. Later he reappears from whatever “job” he was on and is now ready to make her his after nine months. Or is he?

This huge gap in ages and the way he described how hot he was for her so young left me feeling a bit squeamish more than once. I really found myself cringing. If you love taboo reads, maybe this would be that taboo story you fall in love with. It just hit too many of my triggers.


LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She’s been writing stories for as long as she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA–that’s Lower Alabama, y’all–with her amazing husband and four rambunctious children. When she’s not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching car shows while she crochets or with her nose in a book.  







Net Worth by Amelia Wilde ~ Release Blitz

Net Worth by Amelia Wilde is now live!

Mason Hill wants one thing: revenge. When Charlotte Van Kempt walks into his office, all innocence and desperation, he knows the perfect way to get it. He makes a dark bargain. She’ll give him her body to save her family. Little does she know he plans to ruin both.

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Feels 0
Steam 2
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author

Mason Hill is out for blood and revenge. He wants the man who ruined his family to suffer and what better way to do that is to go after his daughter and his company. Charlotte is doing everything she can to save her family’s house and business but her father and his drinking habit is making it impossible. She has sold everything that had any value and is left with very little. It doesn’t help that her father, the one that got them into this mess is never sober and not very nice to her.

Charlotte, in a last ditch effort, meets with Mason to see if he would be interested in venturing together in an effort to save her family’s company. Needless to say, she is shocked that he will help but with one stipulation…she is his…whenever, wherever and whatever. Charlotte is obviously appalled and nicely tells him where to go. Mason is not even close to one of my favorite male roles. He is cruel and borderline abusive to Charlotte in how he treats her once she finally gives in to his demands.

I hated the way Charlotte gave in with no self control and Mason was just pure evil. I think the degrading things he had her doing turned me off to the storyline in general. Mix that with her verbally abusive father and I had a very hard time with this story. It was too dark for me. But if you like extremely dark romances, it might just be the one for you.

Meet Amelia

Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of dangerous contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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The Taste of an Enemy by Holly Renee ~ Blog Tour w/ Excerpt!

Rich. Vicious. Vengeful. Forbidden.
The Boys of Clermont Bay had always been untouchable. 

The Taste of an Enemy, the first angst-filled new adult romance in The Taste of an Enemy Duet from Holly Renee is available now! 

Rich. Vicious. Vengeful. Forbidden. The Boys of Clermont Bay had always been untouchable. 

And Carson Hale was the worst of them all. 

He was pretentious and a player, and he had hated me for so long I forgot that we were ever anything more than enemies. 

Brutally beautiful and savagely heartless, his only plan was to ruin everything I loved. 

But dares were made, and even though I had no business saying yes, I found myself in trouble and forced to work with my rival to get us out of it. 

He had always been cruel, but something changed. 

The lure of him was too much. The way I craved his touch was unbearable. 

Just as I fell for him, he proved himself to be exactly who he had been all along. 

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Feels 3
Steam 2
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

We’re back in Clermont Bay with tons of drama, angst and an enemies to lovers second chance romance. I was dying to see where the author would take Carson and Allie’s story after we met them earlier in the series. You could tell right away there was something going on with these two, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Apparently once upon a time….a long time ago they were best friends, they were each other’s everything until one day they weren’t. That was then and this is now and the now comes with a ton of shit to unpack from their past.

“Because we were friends once upon a time, whether he wants to remember it that way or not, and he was the one who decided that what we were was over.”

As much as Allie would love to avoid Carson it’s nearly impossible. They have all the same friends and go the same school. Now she must constantly brace herself for the snide comments and hateful things that her former bestie says to her. It’s like he never misses the opportunity to bully her, and it always hits where it hurts the most. I really like Allie. For as much as Carson pushed and tried to make her feel like shit, she wasn’t afraid to push back. You could just feel right away that she still cared for him. She would try to catch glimpses of the Carson she knew and loved even when he was being the biggest asshole. But when someone else shows interest in her and she starts to move on things quickly change.

“He was like the warmest of memories mixed with the harshest of reality.”

Carson loved to hate Allie and relished the chance to never make her forget that. He was the bully, asshole and former best friend. But he was also the boy who felt broken and tried desperately to hide it behind his popular playboy persona. He may have come off like he hated her, but his eyes tracked her everywhere she went. You knew that his heart belonged to the girl who was part of so many of his good memories. A bet was made, a dare of sorts, and Carson will do whatever it takes to win…but at what cost?

“I had no choice but to make Allie fall for me even though I had been convincing her to hate me for years.”

This book had a ton of angst and a constant push and pull between Allie and Carson. I love a good second chance romance with the whole enemies to lovers twist, and I did really enjoy this book. It just wasn’t my favorite of the series. The pace for me was a little off and went from I hate you to let’s turn these tables quickly. Those parts were a little all over the place for me. I loved that Allie had no problem sticking up for herself. She was a great mix of a good heart with a side of sass and kick ass. I really loved Carson once we got to know him a little more. I get that he was hurt by Allie but hating her all those years was a lot. I was pulling for them to make it but then that ending?! That cliffhanger killed me and I need to know what happens next!

“I’m just not capable of giving you the things that I know you would want, and you’re not capable of only having the things I’m willing to give.”


I walked into Wings and Things and spotted Eli as soon as I made it through the door. He smiled before standing and coming to meet me. I couldn’t tell if anyone else was already at the table, and I tried to remind myself that I shouldn’t care. Tonight was about having fun and getting to know Eli. 

Carson didn’t matter for either of those things. I would just drown him out and pretend he wasn’t there. That was what I was used to doing. That was what the two of us had been doing for years. 

Even though I was already a little but irritated that Eli hadn’t offered to pick me up. My dad was irritated by that fact too. 

“You look beautiful.” Eli grinned before pulling me into a hug. 

“Thank you.” I breathed in the scent of his warm cologne, the smell familiar and calming. “You look nice as well.” 

I looked up at him as he let me go. He was much taller than me, although shorter than Carson, and he had a smile that made me feel comfortable. 

He grabbed my hand in his and led the way back to the table. I fixed my hair while I was still blocked from view, and I planted the best smile I could manage on my face as he pulled out the chair for me that was directly across from Carson.

“Thank you.” I settled into my seat and tried to avoid making eye contact with Carson.

“Allie, this is Kimberly. Kimberly, Allie. I think you all might know each other.” 

I looked across the table at Kimberly, and of course I knew her. We had gone to school together since grade school, and I had hated her almost as long. She was popular, conceited, and a perfect fit for Carson. 

“Of course.” I nodded and pulled out my menu. “How are you, Kim?”

“I’m perfect.” She giggled and looked over at Carson. His hand disappeared under the table, and even though I couldn’t see it, I knew that his hand probably rested on her thigh. 

I wanted to rip it off. 

“Awesome,” I mumbled and tried to focus on the menu. 

Carson laughed under his breath, but I ignored him. 

“What are you getting?” I looked to my right where Eli sat. “Do you want to share some wings?”

“Oh.” He looked up from his menu. “I was thinking about getting the burger.” 

“A burger at a wing place.” Carson scoffed and tossed his menu down on the table. “I’ll share an order with you, Allie. Kim’s getting a salad.” 

He didn’t give me time to answer. As soon as the waitress came to our table, Carson opened his mouth. “My girl Allie and I are going to share a large order of wings, extra ranch for both of us. No carrots. She hates those.” 

I looked at him like he had lost his mind because I was pretty sure that he had. 

“What can I get you to drink?” The waitress was now looking at me. 

“Um, just a Coke, please.” 

Everyone else ordered their food, and I fidgeted with my hands under the table. 

“So, Allie, how is school going for you?” I looked up at Eli. I had almost forgotten he was there. 

“It’s all right. I’m so ready for fall break, though.” 

“Me too.” He nodded. “Are you going anywhere? My family is taking a trip to Europe.” 

“No.” I almost choked on the word. Sometimes I forgot just how far apart my family was from those who went to Prep. They were made of money, old money to be exact, and guys like Eli had never had to think about working or how he’d pay for college. “We typically stay home and do a Thanksgiving meal at our house. It’s real low-key.” 

And my dad would still be working every day except for Thanksgiving, and my small house would be busting with people. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. We were always together on holidays, and I loved it. 

It may not have been Europe, but it was ours. 

“That’s cool.” He nodded and turned his chair to where he faced me better. “We’ve been going to Europe for years now. My parents love it, and they take us about every other year. Have you ever been?” 

“To Europe?” I shook my head, and suddenly I felt ridiculous. “No. The farthest I’ve been is Disney World.” I didn’t mention that had been almost ten years ago. 

I could hear Carson and Kimberly talking across from us, and I hoped he was too enthralled with her and her perfect face to even consider listening to our conversation. 

Eli laughed like I had just told a joke, but I hadn’t. “That’s too bad. I bet you would really like Europe.” 

“What makes you think that, Eli?” Carson was leaned back in his chair with his arm resting on the back of Kimberly’s. 

Eli laughed nervously and looked between me and Carson. “It’s Europe.” He shrugged his shoulders. 

“But you don’t know anything about Allie specifically that would make her love Europe, correct?” 

Eli opened his mouth, but Carson continued. 

“Like you have no clue that she’s been dreaming of going to Paris forever, and she has this little Eiffel Tower key chain that she’s had on her set of keys since she’s had them. Or that she thinks she’s part Irish because she has a little bit of green in her eyes.” 

“I didn’t realize you knew so much about her.” Eli was no longer aloof. He was sizing Carson up, and I wasn’t here for a pissing contest. 

“Well, now you do.” Carson stared back at him with the same unrelenting gaze, and I felt like I was going insane. 

Carson hadn’t given a shit about me since that night he needed me and I wasn’t there. If he wasn’t ignoring me altogether, he was making me wish he was, and now all of the sudden, he wanted to share wings and spew facts about me like he was my best friend. 

“Stop,” I hissed. “You’re being an ass. Aren’t you supposed to be on your own date?” I looked over at Kimberly, and she looked uncomfortable. I couldn’t blame her. I felt uncomfortable too. 

The waitress arrived back at our table with food in hand, and we were spared from whatever Carson was going to say next. He looked down at the food, and his bright eyes looked so hollow. He scrunched his brow, something he always did when he was upset, and his jaw stiffened. I didn’t know if he was angry with me or with himself. 

But I didn’t want to find out. I quickly grabbed a wing from our plate and took a huge bite. Sauce dripped down my chin, but I didn’t stop. The food was a distraction. If we were eating, then we weren’t talking, and I couldn’t stand to hear anything more from Carson right now. 

Not after everything he just said. Not with the way he had brought up memories of me like it wouldn’t mess with my head. 

“This is good.” I wiped at my mouth with the back of my hand. “Do you want a bite?” I looked over to Eli, and he shook his head as he looked at my half-bitten wing. 

“Nah. I’m good.” 

“Suit yourself.” I shrugged as I looked down at his measly-looking burger. 

“I’ll take one.” Carson reached forward, his fingers wrapping around my wrist, and he stood in his seat enough to bring my hand to his lips. I stared at him, shocked by what he was doing, but there wasn’t an ounce of shame in his gaze. 

He didn’t look away from me for a second as he bit down into the wing I was still holding, and I couldn’t stop myself from holding my breath as his lips met my fingers. Carson Hale wasn’t just taking a bite of my chicken. He was causing a scene, and part of me wondered how he had gotten so damn good at it. 

He ran his tongue over the edge of my thumb, licking up the sauce that had dripped there, and I felt like he had just used his tongue on parts of my body that no one else ever had. I pressed my thighs together as I watched his mouth, and I couldn’t bring myself to care that Eli was watching me as Carson finally let go of my hand and settled back into his seat. 

“You’re right, Allie. That’s absolutely delicious.” He licked his lip before picking up a wing of his own, then began eating like that display hadn’t just happened. 

I picked up my napkin, quickly dropping my gaze to my lap as I wiped my hands, but I couldn’t get the feel of him off. And I didn’t know if I wanted to. 

Pre-order the stunning conclusion, Deceit of a Devil!

Releasing September 23rd


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About Holly

I’m Holly Renee, a small-town east Tennessee girl who is obsessed with all things romance. I love bringing flawed, sassy, and real characters to life in a way that makes you feel like you’ve been best friends with them for years. No two Holly Renee books are the same, but if you love real, relatable, fun female characters and swoon-worthy heroes, I’m your girl.

When I’m not writing or reading, you can find me momming so hard, being disgustingly in love with my husband, or chilling in the middle of a lake with my sunglasses and a float. #lakelife

I have a 2-year-old adorable little man who is as wild and sweet as they come and a baby girl on the way. 

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Dirty Little Secret by Ivy Arnold ~ Release Blitz w/ Excerpt!

Title: Dirty Little Secret
Author: Ivy Arnold
Genre: Age Gap Forbidden Romance
Release Date: September 6, 2021


You break in through my window in the middle of the night.

You tie me up, blindfold me, then do all sorts of dirty and twisted things to me, all while whispering in my ear what a good girl I am.

Want to help me make this fantasy a reality?

I’m not sure what’s worse;

that I was drunk enough to text this fantasy to my ex-boyfriend,

or discovering that it wasn’t actually him I sent it to.

My best friend thought it would be hilarious to switch my ex’s name in my phone—

with his father’s.

The craziest part?

He just replied…

PURCHASE LINKS – only 99c!


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Feels 0
Steam 2
Storyline 3.5
Overall Rating 3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

I had high hopes for this book but could not get into it. The novella wasn’t for me. The storyline revolves around a young girl whose best friend sends a dirty text to her ex-boyfriend. Only it didn’t go to him, it went to his father. At first, he doesn’t realize who it’s from but continues the exchange even when he does.

They agree to meet up and he makes her rape fantasy come true. To be honest, for me it felt a little creepy versus hot. This is a younger girl AND his son’s ex-girlfriend. Not to mention the son finds out and is upset. But then thinks about it and gives his blessing. In what world does this happen? Some people might love this type of fantasy but it definitely didn’t hit the mark for me. Hope it does for you.


“Dare,” I declare, looking around the group.

Eli slowly grins and looks at Sara, who’s eyes gleam with anticipation.

“I dare you to send that sex fantasy to Nick,” she says, giggling. “Make him realize what he’s missing.”

My eyes widen as my heart beats wildly in my chest.

Send that fantasy to Nick?

No fucking way.

But deep down, there’s a part of me that really wants to do it. I want to prove to Nick that I’m not the sweet, innocent girl he thinks I am. I want him to see what he’s missing out on, then beg me to take him back.

Whether I would take him back is another question…

Wetting my lips, I pull out my phone and begin to type while my friends smother their giggles. God, why didn’t I just pick truth?

Damn the alcohol for making me feel so ballsy.

Me: You break in through my window in the middle of the night. You tie me up, blindfold me, then do all sorts of dirty and twisted things to me, all while whispering in my ear what a good little girl I am. Want to help me make this fantasy a reality?

I hit send and regret it immediately, the little Sent confirmation below the message taunting me. When it changes to Read, I feel even worse. I stare at the message, panic rising inside me. I wait for a reply, but nothing comes through. The only thing worse than drunk texting your ex a twisted sex fantasy is when he doesn’t reply.

Fuck, this is bad.

My fingers clench around my phone and I swallow harshly, glad that the game seems to be going on without my friends wanting any follow up about the text. God, what was I thinking? You don’t just send shit like that, let alone to your ex-boyfriend.

Sara silently shakes beside me. I narrow my eyes at her, which only makes her laugh harder. She’s got that devious look in her eyes that nearly always means bad news for me.

“What?” I ask suspiciously. “What’s going on?”

“Um… okay, don’t be mad,” Sara says, holding up her hand. My eyes narrow. I’m mad already and she hasn’t even told me what the hell she’s done. “But while you were in the bathroom, I might have switched Nick’s number in your phone.”

My eyes widen. “You did what?” I demand, my voice a high-pitched squeak. “Switched it with who?”

“Uh, some dude named Andrew?” Her voice rises so high that it comes out like a question.

You switched Nick’s name withhis dad?” I gasp.

My heart literally stops beating. I just sent my dirty, twisted little fantasy to my ex-boyfriend’s father. Leaning forward, I gasp for air. I feel sick. All I can do is picture him reading my message and… I shudder, bile rising in my chest as I swallow it back.

How am I ever going to face him again?

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was his dad,” Sara sputters through her hysterics. “We were worried you might get drunk and call Nick—”

“So, you thought letting me sext his dad was a better option?” I growl through my tears.

What makes this whole thing even worse is that fact that his dad is hot. Like, I may or may not have imagined him as the star of said fantasy on more than one occasion kind of hot.

“I’m sorry, Holls. I wasn’t thinking…”

But I’m not listening. All I can think about is how screwed I am, and in the worst possible way. What the hell is he going to think of me after reading that text? How do I explain myself to him?

What if he tells Nick?

Oh God.

What the fuck am I going to do?

My phone beeps. Hands shaking, I click on the text.

Andrew: How can I refuse an offer like that?

Holy fuck.

Sucking in a breath, I read the text again. I can’t believe he replied, let alone with a response like that. I glance up, feeling Eli’s gaze on me. Before I can process the devilish look in her eyes, my phone is in her hands.

“You have to reply.” Eli gasps, her eyes widening as she reads Andrew’s response.

“No,” I cry out. I launch myself at her, but she ducks out of my grip and dives for the bathroom. “Don’t you dare!” I howl at her through the closed door, while Lucy and Sara dissolve into hysterics on the floor. “Eli, come on. Please don’t reply,” I plead, pounding my fists on the door. The door cracks open and Eli smirks at me as she hands my phone back to me.

“Too late.”


Ivy writes quick, sexy, forbidden age gap romances that can be devoured in a night.