Rushing into Love by Kara Kendrick ~ Release Blitz & Giveaway!

Love sport romances? Sucker for a hot single dad? Then be sure to get your copy of  Rushing into Love by Kara Kendrick – NOW LIVE!

This swoony, second-chance-at-love, small town romance is the captivating introduction to her brand new Peachtree Grove standalone series and is an absolute MUST READ!

Burned by his toxic ex and their nasty divorce, dating again is the last thing on Ryder’s mind. That is until Bree, a popular relationship expert, tumbles into his life. With an unstable ex-wife looking to start a scandal and smear Bree’s Parent. Work. Football. That’s my life summed up in three words.

Sure, I used to be a pro NFL baller, but now I’m perfectly content with a quiet life in my small hometown of Peachtree Grove, Georgia.

That is until Bree, a beautiful blonde dating expert, gets tackled at my Pee Wee football practice, knocking me off my game.

I swore I’d never get involved again after my messy divorce left me reeling, but one date with Bree and I’m dropping all my hesitations—along with my jersey.

Now she has me rethinking my plays.

But will the tabloids, my ex, and Bree’s complicated past keep us in the friendzone? 

Find out now – get your copy today!

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Meet Kara Kendrick

Kara Kendrick writes fun and flirty Contemporary Romance destined to give you all the feels. A reformed English major, she also has a master’s in counseling and was an elementary school counselor in her pre-mom life.

She loves the beach, wine, and rock hard abs, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not dreaming up Happily Ever After’s, you can find her chasing after her boy-girl twins, working out semi-hardish, or walking her adorable Shiba pup with her husband, who’s not too bad himself.

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Jett by Sawyer Bennett ~ Blog Tour w/ Excerpt & Giveaway!

This friends-to-lovers, single mom and the hot hockey hunk, workplace romance standalone is now available!

Jett Olsson isn’t looking for anything serious and she’s not looking for anything at all, so why does it seem so hard to keep it professional?

I love my life—the thrill of being on the ice as part of the Arizona Vengeance, the rush of winning, the adoration of the fans. And if that adoration means I don’t have to spend the night alone, well even better. I’m content being single and always ready to mingle.

But the day Emory Holland walks into a Vengeance team meeting my attention is caught like never before. I can tell right away she’s full of smarts and sass, and the fact that she’s hot as hell sure doesn’t hurt either. She immediately shuts down my advances, so I opt for the road less traveled—straight to the friend zone.

My approach works like a charm, and when she invites me into her bed for a no-strings, friends-with-benefits arrangement, I vow to give her everything I have. She’s been hurt before, and if I’m able to help her heal while giving her a spectacularly satisfying time *pats self on back*, then I’ll be happy.

Or at least that’s the lie I keep telling myself as the time ticks down on the final buzzer of our “relationship”. Now the real question is, can I score the winning goal in a game neither of us realized we were playing?

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Shaking my head, I clear my throat and lift my chin to show my authority over him. “Mr. Olsson—”


“Mr. Olsson,” I repeat. “Your IG account should reflect who you are as a person. It has to be genuine and it has to be true to yourself.”

“I am being true to myself,” he says, and I understand his message. He’s being relentless in his pursuit and that is who he is. He doesn’t take “no” for an answer very easily.

“I am never going to go on a date with you,” I say firmly, deciding to just cut to the chase. “So if you will just accept that and start tailoring your account to reflect—”

“I’ll make a deal with you,” he interrupts me with a roguish grin, and I’m so caught off guard by the dimple I can see poking out through the scruff on his face, I don’t shut him down.

He takes my momentary silence as permission to proceed. “Let me take you out to dinner. You spend some more time helping me understand how to be genuine in my posts, where I promise to follow your instructions, and I will never ask you out on a date again.”

My eyes narrow. “You’re saying if we go out for a meal—really a business dinner—you’ll legitimately let me teach you how to use your social media and you’ll follow my instructions, then you won’t ever ask me out again?”

Jett nods with a resounding expression of determination. “That’s what I’m saying.”

“You promise you’ll leave me alone,” I press.

“On a personal basis, yes. On a professional basis, I imagine we still have to work together.”

I settle back in my chair a minute, letting my brain search for some sort of loophole.

Some means by which he’s tricking me.

I also remind myself I won’t let myself get charmed by him at this dinner, and that I am going to stick to my absolute policy of not only not dating co-workers, but not dating anyone for that matter.

I’m not interested at this point in my life.

It’s still a little too personal, so I make a counteroffer. “I’ll agree to dinner with you, solely in a business capacity to help you learn more about how to do your social media in an authentic way. But I’m paying for dinner.”

“Deal,” he says quickly.

Too quickly.

Did I miss a loophole?

“Tonight?” he queries hopefully. The Vengeance doesn’t have a game.

I shake my head. “I’m sorry, but I already have plans.”

Jett isn’t dissuaded. “Saturday night.”

I don’t have any reason to say no. My Saturday nights are relatively boring, and I’d just as soon get this over with.

“Fine,” I clip out. “But business only.”

“Business only,” he agrees.


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Meet Sawyer Bennett

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.

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Pretty Boy D by Rachel Jonas & Nikki Thorne ~ Release Blitz & Giveway

Title: Pretty Boy D
Series: Kings of Cypress Pointe #1
Authors: Rachel Jonas & Nikki Thorne
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: July 9, 2021


Dane Golden—Best friend. Temptation in football cleats. Roommate?

I’m screwed.

His followers don’t call him Pretty Boy D for nothing. The guy is, literally, God’s gift to women. I should know. I’ve watched chicks throw themselves at him since puberty.

Sharing his loft should be simple. Easy. But shortly after I settle in, we realize being “just friends” was so much easier when we weren’t sleeping under the same roof.

Seven years of thinking we had this down to a science goes out the window the night Dane sees my “Never Have I Ever” list. Now, he’s on a mission to help me cross off the top four items. Some of which aren’t quite as innocent as he’d expect.

What he’s proposing will break the rules we agreed to when I first came to stay here. He wants me to give in, to let my guard down and face my feelings for once. At least, that’s what that wicked look in his eyes and the mounting heat between us suggests.

This isn’t how I imagined being roommates would go. But a girl can only stare temptation in its green eyes for so long and not weaken.

My best friend wants to have his way with me and, right or wrong… I think I might let him.


Pretty Boy D is a full-length standalone novel. This book can absolutely be read on its own, but when you’re done, it’s recommended that you check out more from the Golden triplets and Joss in the complete enemies-to-lovers trilogy, KINGS OF CYPRESS PREP.

Do you enjoy the frustratingly hot push and pull of a good friends-to-lovers or roommates-to-lovers romance? Then you’ll love getting to know Dane and Joss. Due to adult themes and sexual situations, this one’s only for the 18+ crowd. Expect an HEA and no trigger warnings needed.

One-click and get lost in this story today!





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Rachel Jonas

Rachel (also writing as Nikki Thorne) is a Michigan native with several complete series you can sink your teeth into. Aside from the many hours she spends happily pecking away at the keyboard, she’s a wife, mother of three, an avid reader, and a gamer with a penchant for all things Sims. There will always be a keyboard at her fingertips and she looks forward to the words that will flow from them for many years to come. As a self-proclaimed nerd, there’s not a more satisfying career path she could’ve chosen. Find all her work exclusively on Amazon.


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Dark Need by Clarissa Wild ~ Release Blitz w/ 4 Star Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Title: Dark Need
A House of Sin Series Standalone
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: June 30, 2021


In the middle of the night he took me. 

Dangerous and wild, I only know him as Soren. 

My captor, my tormentor. 

He forces me to walk miles on end and refuses to tell me why. 

All he does is stare … And it sets my body on fire. 

He’s a muscular giant with raw, unbridled needs. 

If I run, he’ll catch me. 

If I fight, he’ll pin me down. 

And worst of all … I’m beginning to like it. 

But what I fear the most is that he lives for it. 

Everyone knows a beast can’t be chained. 

One way or another … his darkest needs will always come out to play. 

Dark Need is a Dark Romance novel by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This story follows Soren & April from Dark Wish & Dark Lies. However, it can also be read as a standalone.



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Steam 5
Storyline 5
Feels 3
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Joanna

Have you ever finished a story and felt like you needed to shower because you felt dirty? That the story was so GRITTY and DIRTY that you just don’t feel “clean”? That is how I felt during the time that I read this story. Now don’t get me wrong…sometimes it was in a GOOD kind of “dirty”. But then there were other times that you were just like OMG…what did he just do?

Soren is from a different world. Well, not really, but he was raised in a “cult” environment and that was all he has ever known his entire life. He was raised to protect his “people” and his job is to do what his “people” need him to do. Once his job is complete, he can live his chosen life that has been planned for him. And that is all he has ever known. Everything was going as planned until he met April.

April was someone who chose to go into the cult. She didn’t know it was going to be what it was, but after she found her fiancé in bed with another woman. They were supposed to be saving themselves for marriage so she decided there had to be more out there. When she went looking for it, she ended up captured. She was rebellious and didn’t want to conform to the “rules” of the cult. They were going to send her away and Soren’s job was to travel with her to another “cult”. That was when the fun begins…

“I wanted him when I knew I shouldn’t when I knew it was wrong. And I did it anyway because I didn’t want him to suffer…because I made him suffer.”

April was starting to have feelings for her captor and she knew it was wrong. Soren had always liked April. He would watch her from a distance in the “cult”, but never acted on it.

“I’m not a lover, I’m a fighter. Someone who hurts. Who tortures. No one loves me. I was born to kill.”

This gets intense and you wonder what is wrong and what is right. But in the end…it is OH SO RIGHT! There was probably more “angst” in this story than I normally enjoy, but it was really, really good.


My eyes are glued to his body, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t peel them away, not even as he stands up to face me. The look in his eyes is monstrous, unlike anything else I’ve seen before, and it makes me swallow. Hard.

Because not only is his cock gigantic, unlike anything I’ve ever seen … it’s fully erect, and the tip glistens with pre-cum.

My whole body begins to shake as he takes a step forward, his pecs and biceps twitching with unbridled adrenaline coursing through his veins.

My eyes briefly tear away to glance at the metal I’m still holding tight. My fingers shake as I take a peek at the pointy pins inside where his shaft was locked in place.

And I realize this thing I’m holding in my hands, this metal, wasn’t just there to hurt him. It was there to contain him. To stop him from ever getting hard because it would hurt him too much.

And now … it’s gone.


He takes another step forward, and I take one back.

My breathing grows more ragged with every step I take away from the couch.

Away from him.

Because he is one giant, lumbering beast of a man with uncurbed lust filling his body with greed and hunger. A hunger he now seems to satiate … with me.

Oh God.

The metal drops to the floor, the sound as loud as the pounding in my chest.

I keep backing away while he keeps stalking toward me, his cock still as hard as a rock. Every step he takes makes my body that much more aware of just how much lust he has been hiding from me for as long as this metal has been on. How long has he been keeping himself in check? Months? Years?

“I want …” he says through gritted teeth, his voice sounding much more like that of a wolf than a human, and it makes goose bumps scatter on my skin. But he cut off his sentence, and I don’t know what it means … or why it makes me clench my cheeks together.

I step behind the seat, standing next to the couch, but he shoves it aside with ease. As I step back, I bump into the dining table, but nothing is here to grab or hide behind, and he’s approaching fast, so I dart off.

Right into a wall.

And it’s too late to spin around.

He’s right there, breathing into my neck.

One hand is firmly planted on the wall, the other on my waist.

His cock pushes against my ass.

He groans in my ear, the sound making me whimper. “You.”


#1 Dark Wish


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Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals.

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To Break A Devil by Lilah E. Noir ~ Release Blitz w/ Playlist, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Title: To Break A Devil
Author: Lilah E. Noir
Genre: Dark Bully Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2021


She humiliated me eight years ago.
Now, she will pay for her sins.

Sage Phoenix was the bane of my existence. That tattooed tease with a short skirt and body made for sin drove me crazy from the moment I met her.

I loathed her, and yet she woke up my deepest, most shameful carnal desires.

I had a mind of logic and order until she turned the tables on me and left me behind, broken and in disgrace.

It’s a hot summer night in the city when our paths cross again.
I’m no longer the boy she seduced in high school. I grew smarter, stronger… and I have all the tools to break her.

She pushed me way too far. Once we’re all alone in her rundown tattoo parlor, Sage will have no choice but to submit to my revenge.

There is just one problem… I’m still crazy for her.

Can I resist her? Who will win the ultimate battle of wills?

This is a standalone novella with HFN, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. It’s a dark tale and a twisted second chance love story of two former high school enemies. 

The book contains steamy situations, scenes of violence and is intended for a mature audience. It is not a safe story. 

All the characters are over 18 years old.

Author’s Note: The story was originally published in 2016 under the name The Brat With The Phoenix Tattoo. It’s the same story, only with improved editing and a new title.



Free in Kindle Unlimited



Feels 0
Steam 5
Storyline 3
Overall Rating 3
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Robin

I would definitely heed the warning on this novella. I read a lot of dark or BDSM or bully romance. To me…there was nothing romantic about this story. I would more categorize this story as dub-consensual BDSM revenge erotica. Paul is a bit unstable and obsessed with payback against a bratty, artsy girl named Sage that he tutored in high school. If you like that type of erotica, this is a dark, titillating dubious-consent, punish the bratty girl by using BDSM elements tale. But for me…there was no romance…dark or otherwise. I found the short story entertaining for the category I mentioned.



Sage was right where I wanted her.

My little victim found her voice and uttered with her seductive purr. Poor thing.

“It would have lasted if you had lasted, too, Paul. It’s not my fault you came fast.” Sage had her typical wicked smile, but she was unraveling. Her lips were wide open for a kiss, her nipples were hard as pebbles and she was raising her hips to grind them against my crotch.


She gasped loud in protest when I crushed my lips against hers, bit them to the bleeding point and forced her to open her mouth. I pushed my tongue in and rubbed it against hers. Muffled moans escaped her lips. Sage struggled and writhed under me but wasn’t trying hard enough to release herself. My hands found themselves on her tender, pulsing throat and I sank my nails in the back of her soft neck until she screamed. I was bruising her delicate skin. It wouldn’t take a lot to crush her, break her windpipe and catch the last breaths of her life in my mouth. Instead, I grasped her hard enough to hurt and bruise her. I deprived her of air and controlled how much she’d get as I was devouring her, sating my hunger for the taste of an untamed, captivating creature. All her sounds drowned in my rough kiss. At first, she responded with the same painful lust by sinking her teeth in my tongue and fighting for control. The lack of oxygen and my power over her took their toll, and I assumed the top position.

She tasted just like I always thought, sweet and spicy. The mild taste of whiskey on her tongue just made me go wilder and kiss her in a more ferocious way. I sucked her tongue into my mouth and breathed some air in her, thrilled to be necessary for her survival. 

When Sage grew weak in my arms, I hurried to remove my fingers off her neck and slid them down her firm breasts. It amazed me how hard her nipples were, like two little pieces of rock I’d soon torture, just like the rest of her sensual body. That little witch needed to learn her place. She wouldn’t have any say in what would happen to her, that I’d have no qualms in taking her and treating her like my private toy. Sage would be my whore tonight. 

I played with her tender tits and drank in what I’ve longed for all these years. Then, with one smooth and precise movement I ripped her tank top open, shredding it to strips of ruined fabric. The kiss was intense enough to make my head spin. That was the perfect moment to release her luscious, roughened and bleeding lips and let her scream out.


★★★★★ This is a very dark and sizzling story which is basically a revenge scene that had been building for years. Well-written, well-edited, page-turner steamy story.

★★★★★ “Thoroughly enjoyed this book and really didn’t want it to end. Love the chemistry and feistiness. What an ending!”

★★★★★ “The undeniable attraction between the two. It is like fighting fire with fire.”

★★★★★ “Sage and Paul’s story was purely steamy and dirty! I loved every dark and twisted minute of this book. This book was so steamy and dirty I had to take breaks it was that good.”

★★★★ “I was pleasantly surprised by this novella’s character development and original plot, and would recommend it, particularly to anyone who is into BDSM.”

★★★★ “Straight up exactly what I want when I want dark bully/erotica. If you’re looking for a book to work you up with dark and to let your body enjoy the fruits of intense se* that makes you feel like you ran 50 miles than you are going to enjoy Paul and Sage.”



Lilah E. Noir is an author of erotic novels and psychological stories with an edge and a dark vibe to them. Her work has elements of taboo, seduction, different aspects of the BDSM lifestyle, with a touch of romance and tenderness.

If you love flawed characters, submissive alpha females, unconventional dominant heroes, angst, emotional darkness, lots of kinky sex scenes her books might be your kind of pleasure.