Get To Know Ladyballs


So for those of you who do not know, my name is not really LadyBallsit’s Christine. I have been an avid reader of most genre’s since I was a little girl when I got hooked reading Nancy Drew and the Sweet Valley High series. My fav’s though are romance, chick-lit, young/new adult and erotica. Although a little paranormal here and there never hurt and let’s not forget a good biker book!
So here are some random facts about me: I am married, from NJ and am a stay at home Mommy to my young son who keeps me very busy! We have two blue nose pitbulls and a parrot.  Besides reading, I love to cook and bake, spend time at the beach, travel and of course some retail therapy! Fall is by far my favorite season and all the holidays it brings. I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by the beginning of November and I am a huge, huge movie buff. I can not live without my cell phone and kindle and Dunkin Donuts coffee is one of my vices!