King by Cassia Leo ~ Release Blitz w/ 4 Star Review!

We are beyond excited about the release of KING, a new romance about taking chances, double lives, and falling madly in love with the one person you’re supposed to want dead by New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo. Be sure to grab your copy today!


About KING

From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a romance about taking chances, double lives, and falling madly in love with the one person you’re supposed to want dead.

Never steal from a king.

Down on her luck in Las Vegas, Isabel “Izzy” Lake turns to the regulated prostitution industry. But her first day on the job ends abruptly when her client dies, and his suitcase contains over a million dollars.

Izzy takes the money and sets off to a small town on the other side of the country, where she attempts to live a low-profile life. A few weeks into her new country girl lifestyle, she finds owning an old fixer-upper isn’t so fun when you’re a city girl with zero DIY skills.

Izzy’s handsome new neighbor, Kingston Jameson, is all too eager to fix her leaky faucet and warm the cold side of her bed. It’s not long before she finds herself falling for King. But is he really the sweet-talking country boy he claims to be, or has he come to collect more than her heart?


Kingston “King” Jameson knew he shouldn’t have let Garrett pick up the suitcase full of cash. And he sure as hell never expected Garrett to die at a brothel and get robbed by a prostitute.

King needs to get the suitcase – and the secret item hidden in the lining – before his boss kills him.

He has one problem: The girl who stole the suitcase has hidden it very well. She left her entire life behind in Las Vegas. She’s got nothing left to lose. If King wants that suitcase, he needs to get close to her. Close enough to watch her every move. To know her deepest secrets.

Okay, he has two problems: He’s also fallen in love with the girl he’s supposed to kill.

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Feels 3
Steam 4
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

Izzy is a firecracker, that is for sure! She is independent, stubborn, super smart and full of one liners. Izzy is also on the run. She took something that didn’t belong to her and now after clues were left behind as to who she was, she has the wrong people after her.

Enter King AKA Colton. Super hot, ex-military turned hit man. King works for the wrong people…not by choice but out of obligation and you wonder how and why he came to be a hitman. Colton tracks Izzy down and pretends to be her “neighbor” who is just super helpful, and super hot and Izzy’s judgement gets clouded by that hotness!! LOL

The story was fast paced and kept me turning page after page. The climax was building and building as things heat up. I was literally on the edge of my seat in suspense waiting to see what finally happens to these star crossed lovers and that’s where I felt let down. All of this build up, all of this intrigue, all of the cloak and dagger and the ending was not leaving me feeling like I needed a cigarette. It left me saying, no, no, no…it did not just end like that!!! I wanted more!! I wanted more of what I had just read!! Unfortunately the end did not match the story I had been so enraptured in. The ending wasn’t horrible but I wish it had more meat, more gore…just more something!! I still enjoyed the characters, the fast pace and watching these two navigate dark waters!



New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time re-watching Game of Thrones and Sex and the City. When she’s not binge watching, she’s usually enjoying the Oregon rain with a hot cup of coffee and a book.

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A Lesson in Thorns by Sierra Simone ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

A Lesson In Thorns (Thornchapel #1) by Sierra Simone
Cover Reveal: March 13th
Release Date: March 21st
Cover Designer: Hang Le
Image: Trevillion Images

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Once upon a time, six children stumbled upon a wild place hidden deep in the moors, shrouded by secrets and fog. There we played a game among the roses and the thorns that would change us forever, that would follow us the rest of our lives. A game that ended with a hard kiss in the rain and tattered flower petals fluttering from above…

And twelve years later, we’re back.

The heir.
The dreamer.
The priest.
The genius.
The socialite.
The saint.

I’m not going to dream of a forgotten place covered in thorns every night.
I won’t be enchanted by Thornchapel and its glossy, glamorous people. I’m not going to fall in love or have my heart torn in two.

I’m not telling the truth.

Because as this place slowly tightens its coil of secrets and thorns around us, as we uncover the knotted mysteries that grow here, the six of us begin to unravel into filthy, holy pleasure and pain. Fulfilling the promise we once made as children in those whispering ruins, and awakening a fate that will either anoint us or leave us in ashes…


Feels 4
Steam 4
Storyline 5
Overall Rating 5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Lindsey

Well damn. That certainly didn’t turn out how I thought it would. It turned out better. Tons of little twists and turns. Lots of tension and secrets. That ending though…wow! I didn’t even suspect that at all. It was super intense. I loved how some other character names from Sierra’s books came into play a little bit. Easy five star read for sure. Sierra’s story telling abilities completely amaze me with every new book. Each better than the last and all of them are addicting. Can’t wait for the next book. I will be thinking about this one for days and weeks to come!


About Sierra Simone

Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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Delivered by Eva Charles ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

RB Banner (6)

Title: Delivered
Series: The Devil’s Duet #2
Author: Eva Charles
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 21, 2019
I’m the devil’s spawn.
The son of evil incarnate.
The heir to corruption and depravity.

Gabrielle Duval once belonged to me. And whether she likes it or not, she’s destined to be mine again. What will it take to lure this luscious woman back into my bed? A deal with the devil himself, of course.

My name is JD Wilder, and this is the story of how I reclaim what’s mine.

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Feels 4
Storyline 5
Steam 5
Overall 5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Lindsey

OMGEEEE! Finally! All the answers I have been waiting for. This duet is absolutely amazing. I literally devoured it in one sitting. Perfection. Eva knocked it out of the park and now I need more of her words. I was relieved to finally get answers, but now I’m left feeling sad that this is over. So many twists and turns that I was gasping at a couple parts. But so dang good. This duet is dark and completely delicious. Don’t miss out on these. Easy five star read. One I’ll be rereading again because it was just that darn good!


Also Available
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Author Bio

A confirmed city-girl, Eva moved to rural Western Massachusetts in 2014. She found herself living in the woods with no job, no friends (unless you count the turkey, deer, and coyote roaming the backyard), and no children underfoot, wondering what on earth she had been thinking. But as it turned out, it was the perfect setting to take all those yarns spinning in her head and weave them into steamy love stories.

A romantic at heart, Eva looks forward to date night all week. The perfect evening includes well-crafted cocktails, a fabulous perfume, Cherry Garcia ice cream, and her husband, of course. If you add good friends, live jazz, and impossible shoes, she will follow you anywhere.

Eva holds a BA from Boston College, and a JD from the Washington College of Law. She spent a career working in domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, and civil rights. Aspects of this work often find their way into her books.

When she’s not writing sexy stories, trying to squeeze information out of her tight-lipped sons, or playing with the two cutest dogs you’ve ever seen, Eva’s creating chapters in her own love story.

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The Hookup Handbook by Kendall Ryan ~ Release Blitz w/ 4 Star Review!

A hot new brother’s best friend standalone romance from New York Times best selling author Kendall Ryan is live available everywhere.



My love wand is on a strike.

As bad as that blows, pun unintended, it’s ten times worse for me. I’m a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved.

Only now, I’m on hiatus. Because after years of pleasing women all over the city, my man missile decides to get finicky. And the only woman he wants? Someone I can never have—my best friend’s younger sister, the nerdy and awkwardly adorable Sienna.

She’s working at the agency this summer, keeping me organized, handling paperwork, and most importantly, keeping me on track to finish writing my book about sex and intimacy, which is due to my publisher in thirty days.

She thinks I hate her, that I don’t want her here. The truth is much more twisted. I get hard every time she walks into my office. Her wide blue eyes and pouty mouth drive me wild with desire, and if she stays, I’m not sure how much longer I can stay away from her.

Little Miss Overachiever says she’s here to help? Fine. I’m going to put her nerdy, curvy tush to work.

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Feels 0
Steam 2
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

I’m a fan of Kendall Ryan and love her stuff but for some reason this book wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. As far as a review the blurb sums this book up perfectly. Case runs a high profile escort service and he is in high demand. He is hot, rich and living his best life. Sienna is his best friend’s little sister and has come to work for him as his assistant/office manager. Since she has come to work for him, he can’t help but to be drawn to her or keep his eyes off of her. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but it’s turned into a huge one for him, especially with him being the top male escort around. He doesn’t seem to “want” anyone but her and now its affecting his business.

Does he act on his feelings and risk his friendship with his best friend? Does he know how to have a normal relationship? Is he ready? While we find the answers to all of these questions, it was fun to watch Case and Sienna’s personal and working relationship grow. Some of the things that happened were a little unbelievable for me. This book had all the right pieces but for me, they didn’t fit together quite as well as I was hoping for but still worth the read.


About Kendall Ryan

A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 70 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.

She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.

Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras.

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Hissy Fit by Lani Lynn Vale ~ Review Blitz w/ 4 Star Review!


He is the one that never looks her way.

He is handsome and strong.

He is rough around the edges and mean.

He is everything she’s ever wanted.

He doesn’t even know she exists.

Her life is a joke.


She doesn’t step on cracks in the sidewalk.

She laughs at inappropriate times.

She talks when she shouldn’t.

She is clumsy and trips on air.

She is finally on his radar.

God help her now.





Feels 2
Steam 3
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

Before I get into my review on the book, I’d like to address the hot AF guy on the cover!! Wowza! Super hotness right there…what is that boy’s name!! LOL

Back to the book, it was super, super cute and a definite feel good book. Raleigh has been lusting after Ezra for YEARS! Only Ezra never noticed her because she’s a painfully shy, awkward girl. Tragedy hits her family followed up by something traumatic happening to her to make her uneasy around certain people. Did I mention that she is super clumsy as well? I thought it would be annoying but it actually made her all that more endearing. Ezra is super hot, super popular and the town’s most eligible bachelor. He’s also the high school football and baseball coach in the same school Raleigh works in.

Through a series of events, Raleigh aka Ms. Unnoticed suddenly gets noticed by her long time crush Ezra. It’s adorable to see him see her like it was the first time. I feel for her and her insecurities and it was heartwarming to watch these two fall in love. This is not only a love story. It’s about the underdog surprising herself and getting exactly what she deserves. Storyline was great and kept moving. It was a quick read and a solid book all around.



Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today Bestselling Author of over thirty titles. She is married with three children, two dogs, two cats, a donkey, and a couple (a couple also meaning over twenty) chickens.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up in her favorite chair reading.

Lani is married with three children and lives in the Great State of Texas.

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Chasing Gunner by J.M. Stoneback ~ Review Tour w/ 4 Star Review & Excerpt!

Title: Chasing Gunner
Author: J.M. Stoneback
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2019
Paperback is available NOW


Drink, f*ck, and work.
I’m an empty vessel.
Torn by my demons that haunt me.
Until the woman I craved for eight years stumbles back into my life.
Working as my Personal Assistant.
Gia Gallagher.
Wreaking havoc like a tornado.
She knows I’m a wolf in a sheep’s clothing.
She knows not to fall in love with me.
She fell hard.
I fell hard.
And then, I broke her.
I broke me.
I broke us.




Feels 2
Steam 3
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

Ok, I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed this book about Gia and Gunner – absolutely loved them! Two lost souls who are closed off to the prospect of love and having a relationship due to both having very horrid experiences. Watching these two break down each others walls and actually help heal wounds that run deep and long was heartwarming. They definitely have chemistry and while the underlying issues were dark, their characters were comical and uplifting at times.

With all this great fanfare for this story they do have a previous history with each other from college and it is touched upon but in chunks and bits and pieces and for me, it did not mesh well at all. I was able to piece together things and form a relationship and connection in my head but I found it awkward at times. I think that because I didn’t read book one maybe I missed something to feel kinda thrust into the middle of the book and get bits and pieces along the way. You do find out how it all fits but it was just introduced bizarrely to me and made me scratch my head. I loved both main characters with all their flaws and complexities with the theme of how they heal each other and really did enjoy this book.


“You had sex in here!” I say incredulously.
“What?” Guilt slices through his face.
“That’s why you gave me a buttload of errands to run, you got some booty.”
He sits on the edge of his desk looking like sex in a suit. Men wearing suits were never my jam—I always had a libido for guys from the blue-collar crowd—but the way the suit hugs his biceps is making my vagina jump for joy, and the way his ironed black slacks look around his waist with a leather belt makes me want to melt in a puddle.
“If you’re not next in line to suck my dick, I suggest you stay the fuck outta my business.” His voice is cold, and I swallow hard. I bet you a whole dollar my cheeks turn fifty shades of pink.
I tilt my chin in the air, inhaling. “You smell that?”
“Smell what?”
“It’s me slapping you with a sexual harassment suit.” My threat is as dead as a doorknob, but he doesn’t need to know that.
“The moment you sue me is the day hell will freeze over.”
“How so?”
“Because under your hateful glares, you’re starving for my dick.”
I want to wipe that stupid smirk off his face. “Whatever. I wouldn’t touch you if you were a cure to a disease I had.” The lie rolls off my tongue, and I twirl the strand of hair that floats in front of my forehead with my index finger.
“Liar.” His gaze clings to mine. “I fucked enough women to know when one wants my cock. When you look at me your eyes are begging for it.”
I stare down at the carpet. What can I say? I can’t lie anymore. Every time I’m around him my ovaries are on fire, ready to explode.
“If you got fucked properly on a regular basis, you wouldn’t walk around with a stick up your rainbow ass.”
Gunner doesn’t have any filters. I’m not offended because he’s the type to tell you if your poop stinks and if he doesn’t like you.
That’s just part of his personality. Last week, he asked Mason, during a business lunch meeting, if he dipped his toothbrush in crap because his mouth smelled like butthole.
“Don’t worry, we won’t be having any hanky-panky. Fucking my employee is as appealing as shoving my dick in a vise.”
J.M.Stoneback currently reside in Georgia with her husband and three boys. Her hobbies are reading, writing, playing video games, traveling, and watching anime.


Fearless by Elizabeth SaFleur ~ Blog Tour w/ 4 Star Review & Excerpt!

Fearless-SBPR BT BANNER.jpg

Sarah’s life of rigid control is nearly shattered by two men—one who wishes to submit to her, the other who might break her.

Fearless, an all-new sexy standalone in the Elite Doms of Washington Series from Elizabeth SaFleur is available now!


Sarah Marillioux fled back to DC after a weekend of reckless, delicious, impetuous passion in London with another Dominant, Steffan Vidar. Two years later, Sarah has re-established her life of discipline and rigid control until Steffan reappears to threaten her status quo of relegating all romantic encounters to a dungeon. He’s moved to DC and, with him, is Laurent Chacon, Steffan’s angelic submissive—a mixture of masculine strength and aching vulnerability. Together they will bring her carefully constructed world crashing down around her. It would almost be worth it to have Laurent. The problem is, she’d have to take Steffan, too.

Fearless - AN.jpg

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Feels 0
Steam 2
Storyline 4
Overall Rating 4
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Ladyballs

This book was number 5 in the series and it seemed like you can read it as a standalone. It’s a love triangle-ish tale in the sex club world. Sarah has a crazy, unforgettable night with a Steffan, a dominant from Sweden. Because of her past and the way she felt towards Steffan after that night she runs back to the United States to her home in Washington. She came off as very stuffy and rigid and I feel like I never really warmed up to her. She is a Dom at a local sex club and her life is pretty structured borderline boring until someone walks back into her life.

Steffan reconnects and has not come alone. Laurent is a hot, sweet sub who immediately falls hard for Sarah. Sarah has so many questions as to why Steffan has reappeared in her life and town and what exactly is his relationship with Laurent.

The storyline takes a large portion of the book to get going and to be honest I didn’t really care for Sarah and felt she really needed to loosen up. The story of her past and what has made her that way is revealed and it really didn’t sway me. The sex scenes were steamy but the storyline was just ok for a kink book.




On the way to Accendos, she’d given some thought to how she’d like to approach Laurent this first time. Sensory deprivation with some CBT would be the obvious choice. According to his records, his favorite type of play was having his cock and balls tortured. He liked to watch his Dom or Domme handle him, too, which meant only one thing. She’d blindfold him.

She cracked open the top of the chest, and two drawers lifted and separated to either side. She chose a black cotton blindfold along with a pair of thick leather cuffs. Laurent’s eyes glanced up and grew wide when she showed him what she held.

“Something wrong, Laurent?”

He shook his head and lowered his chin.

“Take off your trousers and your briefs. Fold them. Let Steffan hold them.” She winked at Steffan who smirked at her words, not looking the least bit bothered by being reduced to the role of valet.

Laurent complied, giving her a spectacular view of his backside when he strode over to Steffan. When he turned to her, she decided his front rivaled his back. Glossy, dark curls surrounded a long, thick cock that had already begun to harden. With the dusting of dark hair across his chest, visible ridges in his abdomen and a perfectly-defined Adonis belt, his masculine appeal grew tenfold. He could have modeled for the Greek masters, though they might be appalled at the size of his spectacular sexual anatomy.

“So beautiful, Laurent,” she whispered.

He flushed. Another honest moment that told her what she suspected—the man had no idea how beautiful he was.

She led him to the exact spot where she’d literally dreamed of taking him—a large frame in the center of the room from which various hooks and chains hung. She encircled his neck with the blindfold and let the fabric hang and tease his mind with the promise of coming blindness. The cotton was light, but she sensed he’d feel it like a lead chain. She fastened a cuff around each of his thick wrists.

“Lift your arms over your head.”

She stepped up on one of the frame’s rungs and attached each cuffed wrist to a hook that hung from chains. She stepped down and took a long moment to run her hands down his forearms to his biceps, and then over his shoulders. She never trussed her submissives too tightly, preferring to see them move and sway as she worked them over—unless they required a more bound approach. She’d learn Laurent’s preferences and dole them out either as rewards or punishments over time.

He sucked in a breath when she pinched a nipple. “Laurent. I’m glad you’re here.”

He returned her stare with no hesitation. “Wherever, whenever you need me.”

The pretty words tumbled from his mouth with such ease, her knees weakened. His eyes sparked with desire, his breath running a little faster across those full lips. A submissive’s reactions could be a performance, a make-believe arousal meant to incite a Dom or Domme’s courage. She knew his response was genuine, and her sense of obligation to him heightened because of it.

She took more minutes to appreciate his flesh with her hands. God, she wanted to test every inch of that skin—feel, taste, and mark it. She’d wanted to play with Laurent the first day she’d laid eyes on him, which was dangerous. Her past led her to distrust desire, and that caution had paid dividends. Yet, there was much to explore with a man this transparent—the direct opposite of his current Dominant sitting in Alexander’s chair.

“I loved your file, Laurent. Loved reading about you. What you enjoy, what you don’t. I can’t wait to test some of those limits.” She showed him the ball stretcher and cock ring apparatus. “I understand your cock requires a Mistress’s discipline.”

One glance south and she realized she’d chosen well. He thickened further, which sent his cock dancing. That was the thing about male anatomy, unlike their mouths, their manhood never lied.

She smiled up at him. “It pleases me to see your responses. Don’t hold anything back, Laurent. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


“I won’t use it.”

“Speak it out loud for me.”


She laughed. “Oh, you already please me, you wonderful man.”

He gave her a flash of white teeth against that smooth tanned skin.

She then gently curled her fingers around his cock and forgot everything else—even Steffan.

About Elizabeth

Award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance, Elizabeth SaFleur promises all the “feels” in her emotional, plot-rich stories.

Experience luxurious, glamorous escapes in her Elite Doms of Washington series

Fall in love with her alpha men who always leave a woman satisfied

Meet the heroines who take charge in the Justice Series, her Femme Domme romance books

Join her burlesque & gangster book world in the Shakedown series debuting in 2019

Many of her books were inspired from her thirty years as a PR practitioner in and around Washington, DC. She writes, tweets and posts under a pseudonym since her business clients might be (WOULD be) shocked at her new career choice.


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