Get To Know Stephanie

Stephanie (1)

Hi my name is Stephanie and I love to read and am excited to be part of The Smut-Brarians!

I have been obsessed with reading as far back as I can remember. I used to hide in the closet well after bedtime with my flashlight reading my Sweet Valley High books. These days I enjoy reading New Adult, Erotica, YA and some Paranormal.

Some random things about me:

I am from Upstate New York and am a stay at home Mom .

I love spending time with my two beautiful kiddos who are 6 and 7.

I love reading late at night after everyone else is asleep and it’s just me, a glass of Riesling and my Kindle.

I cry at hallmark commercials, so give me a good tearjerker book to read and I’m a mess for days.