Crew by Tijan ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!



Title: Crew (Crew Series #1)
Author: Tijan
Release Date: August 26, 2018


To survive where I live, you have two options.

You can be a Normal—a cheerleader, jock, member of the debate team, or on the yearbook committee. You pretend everything is normal.

Or you can be crew.
You insult us? We hurt you.
You hurt us? We really hurt you.
And if you f*ck with us, we will end you.

My name is Bren.
I’m the only female in the Wolf Crew—the best, fiercest, and most dangerous crew there is—and we have a rule: There’s no falling in love.

Well… too late.

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Panty Scorching-2
Overall Rating-5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

I loved everything about this book. Everything. The blurb, the cover, the first sentence that just grabs you and yanks you right in to a world that only Tijan can give us. I have loved and reread so many of her books countless times and this one is at the top of that list. Gah, this book was just so damn good. Full of amazing characters, a shitload of drama and everything and anything else we have come to love about a Tijan book.

“Even though we look like the bad guys right now, things aren’t always as they seem.”

A crew is family, a loyal trusted few that would do anything for you and The Wolf Crew is the most respected and feared of them all. Bren is the only female in her crew and so she is sort of a legend for it. She is by far one of my favorite characters ever. Strong, fierce and loyal she was willing to do anything to protect those she held closest to her heart. The crew has rules, but what happens when one of those rules are broken and there’s no going back?

There were so many amazing characters in this book that I fell in love with, some a bit more then others. I loved the crew. I loved the drama, the craziness, the loyalty, the love and the angst. I just loved this whole book. I can’t say much more about it as I am determined to keep this a spoiler free review. I highly recommend you just grab it and read it ASAP. I cannot wait until the next ones comes out!!

“This. This is what set us apart. This made us stupid, but it made us dangerous too. And though we shouldn’t-we knew we shouldn’t-we loved it. We hungered for it.”


About Tijan

Tijan is a New York Times Bestselling author that writes suspenseful and unpredictable novels. Her characters are strong, intense, and gut-wrenchingly real with a little bit of sass on the side. Tijan began writing later in life and once she started, she was hooked. She’s written multi-bestsellers including the Carter Reed Series, the Fallen Crest Series, and the Broken and Screwed Series among others. She is currently writing a new YA series along with so many more from north Minnesota where she lives with a man she couldn’t be without and an English Cocker she adores.

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Church by Stylo Fantôme ~ Release Blitz w/ Review

RB Banner (18)
Title: CHURCH.
Series: Church Duet #1
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: July 20, 2018
A broken girl.
An unusual boy.
A beautiful face
that hides a dark secret and an ugly past.
Sealed lips which
hide wicked words and dangerous thoughts.
She would kill for
him to love her.
He just wants to
Maybe, if Emma
Hartley prays hard enough, Church Logan can make both their wishes come true.
Fuse, meet match. 


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Panty Scorching-2
Overall Rating-3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

As soon as I read the synopsis I knew I had to read this book and then when the author released the beautiful cover, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Tell me I can have crazy, dark and twisted wrapped in a pretty package and I am in. So this is where I am a little torn on this book. It was twisted and the story was definitely a unique one, which I really liked, but to me it didn’t hold all the dark elements I was hoping for going in. It was a good read, just not as dark and twisty as I had been craving. I will say though without trying to give anything away, the author did leave me with high hopes for the next book with the sneak peek we got.

Emma has had a shitty life thus far, let’s just say her Mother is a dead ringer for last place in the mother of the year awards. So when her Mom ropes in a new unassuming husband, Emma gets a chance to start fresh at a small college where no one knows her and her dark past. What she didn’t expect was to run into her half dressed hot as hell new stepbrother one night and notice the same darkness in his eyes that she knows is in hers.

“Maybe this whole time I should’ve been looking for someone as fucked up as me. Maybe two broken pieces can be glued together to make a whole.”

Church is a mystery to everyone who crosses his path, he’s the sexy silent type. He literally doesn’t talk to anyone unless he absolutely has too, yet he finds himself talking to his new stepsister Emma. No matter how much he tries to stay away from her, he just can’t. She seems to understand the darkness inside of him like no one ever has, and she accepts it. I struggled with Emma’s character a little bit because she was so obsessive and just couldn’t think for herself. Though I guess that was part of the appeal that went along with what Church needed. Now Church, well he was dark and broody and sexy. But I think I liked him more when he didn’t talk, it added to the whole mystery.

“I chose to stop talking because there was never anyone worth talking to, and I don’t speak now because it would be dangerous if I did. And they call me Church because yes, I should be worshiped.”

Emma and Church are two broken people who find what they need in each other. They have this crazy and I mean CRAZY type of love. They complement each other’s darkness and crave the madness that it brings. But is love worth killing for? If you are in the mood for a unique story then definitely check this one out!


Author Bio
Crazy woman from a remote location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since … forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.
I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the
year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.
Yeah. I think that about sums me up.


Watching You by Shannon Greenland ~ Blog Tour w/ Review

Watching You
Shannon Greenland
Published by: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: July 2nd 2018
Genres: Thriller, Young Adult

Viola’s always been that girl from thatfamily, so a scholarship to a prestigious private school in Florida was supposed to be her ticket out of poverty and into a brand-new life. But Viola’s secrets have followed her. Her relationship with the intelligent and gorgeous Riel should have been the salvation she needed—he understands her troubled past better than anyone. But then weird things start to happen.

Frightening messages.

Missing personal items.

The unsettling feeling that she’s being watched.

Viola’s never been one to give her trust easily, but she’ll need to trust in Riel if she’s going to survive her stalker. Because she’s not fighting for a new life anymore—she’s fighting to stay alive.

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Panty Scorching-0
Overall Rating-4
Kindle eArc provided by Netgalley
Reviewed by Stephanie

Viola has worked her whole academic career to land a senior year scholarship to the exclusive Ponce de Leon Academy in Florida. It’s her ticket to MIT and to getting her family out of assisted housing projects. She would do almost anything to get it, even if that means she has to lie. When she finds out she was chosen as the scholarship recipient and meets her mentor Riel things get off to a less than stellar start. Not only is Riel smart and gorgeous, he is also last year’s scholarship recipient and apparently had no idea he wasn’t this years too.

“This is not how I expected to start my year.”

Viola and Riel are sort of stuck together, you know the whole mentor thing and all that. The tension is pretty high from the get go, but the attraction these two have for each other is crazy intense. As Viola gets settled into academy she has to deal with your run of the mill mean girls, her sweet and quirky roommate, her growing attraction to Riel and oh yeah a crazy stalker.

“She had been warned. She didn’t listen. This is what she gets. For everything.”

Despite the rocky start these two had, Viola and Riel get closer and closer. This story has a little bit of a enemies to lovers vibe to it and I loved that. Both of them are really good people, who definitely have not had the easiest lives. And did I mention I love Riel? Well I do. Not only is he a hottie, he is just super genuine and cares about Viola. But it seems the more their relationship grows so does the intensity of the whole stalker situation. When a very real and scary situation happens with the stalker, Riel is there for her. But what happens when the lies Viola desperately tried to keep hidden about how she got her scholarship come out?

“Please. Stay.”

This was my first read by this author and I really enjoyed Viola and Riels story. I love how there were some great twists and turns in this book that I really just did not see coming. There was a lot more romance to this book then suspense and I definitely would have loved more from the whole stalker aspect, but overall it was a really good book. I am looking forward to checking out more from this author.


Author Bio:

Shannon Greenland is the award winning author of several novels including the teen spy series, THE SPECIALISTS, and the YA romances, THE SUMMER MY LIFE BEGAN and SHADOW OF A GIRL. She also writes thrillers under S. E. Green and lives off the coast of Florida with her very grouchy dog.

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Cleanup by Megan Green ~ Release Blitz w/ Review & Giveaway!

unnamed (99)

Title: The Cleanup
Series: Washington Rampage #2
Author: Megan Green
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: June 28, 2018
Boy meets girl.

Boy screws girl.

Girl gets knocked up.

That was my story with Brandon Jeffers, power hitter for the Washington Rampage
and baseball’s biggest bad boy. He came into my life like a line drive to the
face, and he left without looking back.

It’s okay though, because I’m determined to raise this baby on my own. I mean,
women for centuries have navigated parenthood alone…why should I be any

But when the major league star shows up on my doorstep making promises I know
he can’t keep, my defenses go up and my expectations stay low.

Brandon says he can clean up his act…

I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Panty Scorching-1
Overall Rating-3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Liv is happy with her life with her days spent in the quaint bookstore she has come to adore. But hey, sometimes we need a little fun and action even if it’s just for one night. For Liv that night of fun comes in the form of Major League Baseball’s bad boy Brandon Jeffers. The two share a hot and steamy night together with a no strings attached policy but these two got way more than they were expecting.

“I search for the red frowny face I use to mark the start of my monthly nuisance. Son of a bitch. I’m pregnant.”

So Liv being the independent women she is comes up with a plan. One I wholeheartedly disagreed with but a plan nonetheless. Don’t tell Brandon about the baby and raise the baby alone. Thing is plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. Especially when known player on and off the field Brandon “the Cleanup” Jeffers can’t seem to get Liv and the night they spent together off his mind. So what happens when he shows up on her doorstep asking for a chance?

“Your entire life is about to change.”

This is a quick and cute read and even though Liv sometimes annoyed me, I enjoyed getting to know her and Brandon as they got to know each other. They were both really sweet together and I loved how even though they both may not have had the best ideas of love growing up, they gave it a chance for themselves and their baby. I was for sure pulling for them and I am so glad that their one night together turned into so much more.

“You are the first person I think of in the morning. I fall asleep with your name on my lips every night, Liv. I see nobody else. Because there is no one else. There’s only you.”

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Author Bio
Megan lives in Northern Utah with her handsome hubby, Adam.
When not writing, chances are you’ll find her curled up with her Kindle.
Besides reading and writing, she loves movies, animals, chocolate, and coffee.
Lots and lots of coffee. She loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line!


The Line Below by Ali Dean ~ Release Blitz w/ Review

The Line Below-NowLive

THE LINE BELOW by Ali Dean is live! Check out the excerpt below and don’t forget to one-click your copy!


New Adult Contemporary Romance

From #1 Amazon Sports Fiction bestseller comes a standalone new adult romance about a collegiate swimmer who falls for an Olympic track star.

Water. The place where I feel at peace.

Free from the expectations. Away from the judgement. Weightless from the obligations.

When I slip under the cool surface, I’m no longer sinking from the demands of family, school and the choices that I must make. Chase my dream of the Olympics or follow the expected career path? What will it be?

I’m not usually one to rock the boat – that’s my twin sister’s role. I find myself in uncharted territory when I meet Jett Decker on my twenty-first birthday. It’s not like me to get swept off my feet, but when I do, it creates waves with those closest to us.

Chemistry ignites, jealousy spikes and tension builds the more we’re together. Sometimes in real life the lines between what is wanted and what must be done get blurred. Not everything is crystal clear, like the line below.



Panty Scorching-1
Overall Rating-3/3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Shay feels most like herself when she is in the water. Swimming is her one true passion and in it she finds her solace. When she is in the pool she doesn’t have to worry about the expectations her mother places on her or living up to her popular twin sister Kick’s reputation or least of all her I’m not ready for a relationship pseudo boyfriend Julian. In the pool it’s just her, and the line below.

“My ability to succeed in the pool has always been within my control, and mine alone.”

Since Shay eats, breaths and sleeps swimming, you can barely find her anywhere else besides the pool and class. So when her sister and their roommate talk her out of spending another night in pajamas and Netflix binging to go clubbing she almost regrets the decision until she is on the dance floor. Suddenly she’s dancing with the hottest guy she has ever seen. The guy just turns out to be Olympic silver medalist Jett Decker.

“That was off the charts. Magnetic. Sparks-flying kind of hotness right there.”

Jett is one of the most wanted guys on campus and is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Shay. From the first moment he saw her sparks were flying and he can’t get the sweet and gorgeous swimmer off his mind. So he wants all in when it comes to Shay and he isn’t afraid to let her know. These two fall into a pretty serious relationship quickly, almost too quickly for my taste. I really liked how they supported each other and through that their relationship grew.

This was my first read by Ali Dean and it took me a little while to get through the first half of the book because I honestly just had a hard time connecting to the characters and parts of the book were just all over the place. That’s always a struggle for me because then I end up losing interest. I am glad I finished the book and got to see how Shay and Jett’s story wrapped up.




My hips are swaying sensually to the rhythm of the beat as Kick and Beatrice are both doing the vertical dry hump thing with different guys. I’m debating whether to wait for Julian or call it a night when I catch sight of what can only be described as an athlete’s body walking decisively in my direction. My eyes meet the chocolate brown of his as he draws closer. Even though I think he’s staring right at me, I fight the urge to look around to check if it’s me he’s coming for, or someone else.

That’s the only way to explain how this guy is walking – like he’s coming for me with a specific purpose in mind. I don’t even consider doing my usual head-duck-and-slip-away move like I normally would in this situation. But this situation isn’t normal, because by the time he reaches me, I’m barely breathing anticipating his next move.

He stops inches away, and I can’t raise my eyes to meet his. They’re stuck on his broad shoulders and muscled arms, then sliding down to his trim waist, and jeans that barely hide the firm muscles underneath. A strobe light passing by reveals caramel skin. He’s solid and strong without having that overly-muscled look. My lips curve up slightly as I wonder what he’d look like in a Speedo. I’d know if he was a swimmer though, because it’d be him I’d have been crushing on for years, not Julian Reed.

Wait. What? Whoa.

When my eyes finally meet his, there’s a smirk on his lips. I don’t even realize my body’s been moving this whole time to the beat of the music until he places his hands firmly on my hips and matches my movements. His hands feel like they’re searing my skin.

And for the first time, I totally get the urge to press my body against a complete stranger. Actually, it’s not even an urge, it’s a magnetic force because without even deciding whether it’s a good idea, I’ve moved closer until we’re chest to chest, my hips pressed up to his thighs, my arms around his neck.

I don’t do intimate like this with a guy who’s done nothing but smirk at me. But God, it feels so good. His hands slip lower, resting low enough to be inappropriate. All of this is inappropriate. I let my head drop back and close my eyes, tossing away the responsible voice in my head and letting myself just go with it. Ride this wave of… whatever the hell it is. Indulgence? Definitely. The word “free” flushes through me as my hips slide with his body, but it’s not quite that. If only because I know it’s temporary. It doesn’t even seem real.

He hitches up the leg between mine until my toes barely touch the ground. I’m writhing on him, the friction of his jeans rubbing me as we slide in a sensual rhythm. We’re in sync with one another, our movements smooth and fluid, and my body sinks deeper into his, the sensations overwhelming me.

The music’s too loud to hear anything, not even my own breathing. But my heart is beating with such force that I feel it in my toes. I want this to keep going, but as the beat shifts to a new tune, I sense my dancing partner pulling away and I let myself slide to the ground. He holds my elbows, keeping me steady until I’m balanced and standing on my own two feet.

We hold each other’s gaze for a few beats until he flashes that same smile that started all this. He leans down, and I think he’s about to kiss me but his hand grazes the top of my dress, and I feel his finger drop inside. He’s placed a piece of paper between my breasts. Okay, that was not what I was expecting.

“That’s my number.” His lips brush my ear as he says it, making sure I hear him over the music. “You should call me. I’m free tomorrow night.”
I’m practically panting, but he turns and walks away. My eyes follow the path of his departure, lingering on his butt, branding it to memory, as my legs struggle to keep me upright. I feel bereft from his absence, and he was only with me for one song. His presence succeeded in turning me boneless, melting into a puddle on the dance floor, while I wonder, what the hell just happened?


About the Author

Ali is a #1 Amazon sports fiction bestseller. She hails from Vermont and now live in Colorado with her husband, boy-girl twins, and golden retriever Pancake. Ali has always loved to read, but found that there weren’t enough fiction books out there featuring girl athletes. So, she decided to work on that. Like the heroines in her books, Ali is an athlete, with running and skiing her favorite sports these days. When she’s not pursuing an outdoor adventure, Ali’s less healthy passions include ice cream, coffee, and beer.


Absinthe of the Heart by Monica James ~ Release Blitz w/ 5 Star Review!

Absinthe of the Heart Banner


Absinthe of the Heart
(Sins of the Heart #1)
Publication Date: May 14, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance



Two households, unlike in dignity, in the City of Angels is where we lay our scene…

London Sinclair was the boy my mother warned me about for as long as I can remember. His name alone has brought my family nothing but shame and suffering, so it’s no surprise we’ve been sworn enemies since the first moment we met.

With his bedroom eyes and cocky smile, he has all the girls under his spell. I have one more year of school left, and then I’m home free because I’m guarding a secret, one I’m ashamed to keep.

The boy who is completely off-limits is the one who drives me, Holland Brooks, wild. I want London, and I think…he wants me, too.

Some may compare it to a Shakespearian tragedy, as our surnames have fated our future, but when a single night changes my life forever, I can’t leave the City of Angels fast enough.

Ten years later, I have atoned for my sins and return to Los Angeles a changed woman. I’ve come home to get married. But the moment London walks back into my life, one thing is clear. Ten years can’t undo that night—that single, sinful night when I gave into temptation—because I want to do it again.

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Panty Scorching-1
Overall Rating-5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

I love coming across an author I’ve never read before and just falling completely in love with their book! Omg everything about this story was so damn good. From the characters you just couldn’t help falling in love with to the ten tons of angst and shoot, I liked it so much I am even willing to forgive Monica James for the killer cliffhanger she left us with! I mean seriously that almost killed me, but this story was well worth the huge book hangover I was left with.

Holland and London were destined to be enemies from before they were even born. Their parents made sure of that one when one betrayed the other and their rivalry began. Now Holland and London go to the same school in the same small town their parents grew up in and cannot stand to be near each other. Both were from very rich and influential families until Holland’s family lost almost everything and no one, least of all Holland’s family will ever let them forget that fact.

“What was done could never be undone, and what they’d all done would never be forgotten…or forgiven, for generations to come.”

Ah ok, so these two do not get along, you know on top of the whole bad blood between the two families thing and they are always at each other and throwing a good jab in whenever the opportunity presents itself. But you can see pretty early on they are walking that very thin line between love and hate. London or Sin as he is known is more or less the bully in the whole thing, but no matter what he puts out there you know there is a good guy underneath all that. Holland is a strong women and doesn’t take shit from anyone, most of all not from her hot as hell arch enemy. But what happens when one night challenges everything they thought they knew, and the person you have been taught to hate is really the one you love? Is it even possible to get a happy ending?

“London Sinclair didn’t just break my heart; he fucking set it on fire and threw the ashes to the wind. I loved him, and in return, he danced on my grave.”

This book was so good, the drama and angst had me glued to the pages and I was a complete mess for half the book. I loved Holland and London so much and was truly pulling for these star crossed lovers. I wanted them to have a chance and not be affected because of the choices their parents made so long ago. Then that cliffhanger…why oh why? I need more and I need it pronto!! I highly recommend this book and can not wait for the next one!

“Love is messy, inconvenient, and at times, heartbreaking, but when you find it, you’ll do anything to hold it because you’re at it’s complete mercy.”


About Monica James

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.

When she is not writing, Monica is busy running her own business, but she always finds a balance between the two. She enjoys writing honest, heartfelt, and turbulent stories, hoping to leave an imprint on her readers. She draws her inspiration from life. She is a bestselling author in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K.

Monica James resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her wonderful family, and menagerie of animals. She is slightly obsessed with cats, chucks, and lip gloss, and secretly wishes she was a ninja on the weekends.

Connect with Monica…

Twitter: @monicajames81

Seducing Kaden by Siobhan Davis ~ Release Blitz w/ Review & Excerpt



Seducing Kaden, an all-new taboo romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis is available NOW!



The woman I love will never be mine because she already belongs to another.

I’ve tried everything to forget her, but it’s impossible when she occupies a starring role in my dreams. My eyes are glued to her shapely curves whenever I see her around campus, and it doesn’t help that she looks as miserable as I feel.

I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her.

Short of putting a bullet through the skull of that gangster she’s married to, I’m stuck in a hellhole of my own making.

Until fate intervenes, setting us on a collision course we can’t avoid.


When I was a little girl, I dreamed of falling in love. The all-consuming sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love I swooned over in movies.

It didn’t take long for that fairytale notion to come crashing down around me. Now I’m trapped in a marriage I despise with no way out.

The only light in the dark is Kaden Kennedy—the one true love of my life. He doesn’t know he is, because I’m forced to love him from afar, condemned to toss and turn at night, crying over everything I want and all I can never have.

Seeing him day in, day out, destroys me, but there’s no other choice; I had to push him away to keep him safe.

Because if my husband ever finds out I’m in love with another man, I won’t be the only one in danger.

While you don’t need to read the earlier books in this series to enjoy Seducing Kaden, it is highly recommended. This book is a contemporary new adult romance, and it is only suitable for readers aged eighteen and older due to mature content, sexual situations, and language.

This story includes details of an extramarital affair, so if you don’t like cheating or controversial storylines, then this book isn’t for you.

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Panty Scorching-2
Overall Rating-3.5
Kindle eArc provided by Author
Reviewed by Stephanie

Kaden and Eva meet on his first day as a freshman at Harvard. He sorta comes to her rescue at a local coffee shop. There is an instant spark between these two even though their encounter is brief and Kaden just can’t shake the thought of hopefully seeing her again. As luck would have it, he does see her again, that very same day. Unfortunately it doesn’t go at all as he hoped it would as he is sitting waiting for Professor Garcia to show up and start the lecture on the Principals of Economics. And yeah, Professor Garcia turns out to be Eva. So Eva is strictly off limits since she is his professor. To top it off, he finds out she is married. But Kaden can’t let it go, and he doesn’t want to.

“I know this obsession is pointless-she’s married and she’s my professor, so nothing is going to happen-but I can’t seem to help myself.”

So these two start spending more time together. It’s strictly for school, at least that’s what they tell themselves. But you feel how much they are both trying to fight the pull that is between them and eventually they just let go and fall crazy in love. But hey, love isn’t always sunshine and roses, especially when it’s a forbidden love. As much as Kaden is desperate to possess Eva’s heart, she is desperate to protect him. After all, she’s not only married but she is married to the mob, literally. So they do the only thing they can, try and forget. But with a love as strong as they share is that possible or can they find a way to be together?

“I already found my person. But, someone has already taken her from me.”

This book was told in dual points of view and with flashbacks and I thought it worked great with the story because we got to delve into Kaden and Eva’s past and my heart broke for Eva and all she endured in her life, married to a cruel man that she didn’t love. I was really hoping for them to find the happily ever after that they both deserved. This was my first read by this author and even though this is the sixth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. It is recommended to read the others first to get the full experience, and I really wish I had done that. This was a good, quick read and now I might have to go back and check out the rest of the books in the series.


I make a last-minute detour, veering toward the bathroom instead. My heart is beating wildly against my ribcage, and blood is thrumming through my veins. What the hell was I thinking back there?Anyone could’ve noticed me making a beeline for Kaden across the dance floor. One look at both our faces would’ve given the game away. My hands are shaking as I push through the door out into the corridor leading to the restrooms. Nausea swims up my throat at the thought of that girl with her hands all over him. I stop, resting my forehead against the wall. What the hell is wrong with me?He isn’t mine, and I shouldn’t be having these thoughts.

I’m married, for God’s sake, and he’s my student.

He’s as off-limits as they come.

Perhaps that’s why I want him so badly.

Isn’t it true what they say? You always want the things you can’t have.

The door crashes open, and I stop breathing. “Eva.”

Oh, God. Please give me strength to do the right thing. I hurriedly compose myself before I turn around to face him. “Kaden.”

“We need to talk.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Well, tough,” he says, walking around me and pushing the door to the wheelchair-accessible toilet open. “In here, quick.”

Against my better judgment, I duck under his arm and step inside the small stall. He locks the door and then leans back against it, running a hand through his hair. Strands come loose, falling over his forehead in a casual way that is completely sexy.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he admits candidly, and butterflies take up residence in my chest. “And I miss our chats. You’re one of the few people I’m comfortable talking to. It’s so easy to just be myself when I’m with you.” His expression is deadly serious as he eyeballs me, but there’s a soft layer underneath it. “I guess I just miss everything about you. And judging by the way you were looking at me out there, I’d say you’re the same.” I chew on the inside of my mouth, hugely conflicted. “And you look beautiful by the way, and too damn sexy for that crowd.”

I thrill at his bold statement, and I know I’m fighting a losing battle even as words to the contrary slip from my mouth. “This can’t happen, Kaden.”

“Why not?”

“You know why.” I start pacing the small space. “I’m married, and you’re my student. Starting something could get both of us into big trouble.”

“The things truly worth fighting for in life come with the biggest risks.” He pushes off the door, cautiously approaching me. I’m acutely aware of every delectable inch of him as he approaches, and I’m struggling to hold on to my willpower. “And you don’t need to worry about me.” Tentatively, he reaches out, caressing my cheek. “If it blew up in our faces, I would be okay. The biggest risk is on your end, and it’s the main reason I haven’t said anything these last couple of months. I’d come to the conclusion you weren’t feeling it the way I was, but I see it written all over your face. I know you want me as much as I want you.”

I take a step back, needing to clear my head. “Wow, you’re awfully sure of yourself.”

“Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll walk away. I’ll leave you alone and never mention this again.”

I gulp over the sudden panic in my throat. I don’t want him to leave. Screw it. I throw caution to the wind. “I can’t tell you that.”


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