Escalation by Tessa Teevan ~ Release Blitz, Review & Excerpt

Tessa Teevan
Series: Clandestine Affairs #2


The moment Rafe appeared on her doorstep, he was everything Brie Latham didn’t know she needed. Sexy. Mysterious. Provocative. The absolute opposite of her domineering ex. Like a white knight in the form of a rugged, handsome construction worker, he freed her from her cage, allowing her to spread her wings and find herself again. To find love again.

Just as she was ready to give in and finally admit her feelings for him, her past swooped back in, death and destruction in its path, causing her to question everything she knows.

And everything she feels.

Was their relationship all just smoke and mirrors? Was she destined to repeat the vicious cycle with yet another manipulative man, only to crash and burn yet again?

Who is Rafe Matthews, and will Brie survive long enough to finally discover the truth?



Panty Scorching – 4
Angst – 4
tissues – 0
Storyline – 4
Value – 4
Overall – 4
Kindle eARC
Reviewed by Ladyballs
If you have not read book one yet…..STOP reading!
I have to say after reading the first book I was left a bit underwhelmed but out of curiosity I forged ahead with the second book.  Which, got me totally hooked on this series.  While the 2nd book felt a bit dragged out at times it held my attention and really had me wanting to find out what the hell was going on.
With that being said book two picks up where one leaves off….you don’t know if Brie is alive or dead.   Obviously if there is a book 2, she is alive and well and finds herself with a big surprise!!!
I honestly don’t want to give too much away,  I feel it would ruin it for readers but I will say I am still in the dark and can not for the life of me fit all the pieces to the puzzle together…..and there are a lot!  While Brie finds out exactly who Rafe is and her initial reaction is rage….she calms down and gives him the chance to explain.
Hints and bits and pieces are revealed but nothing is fitting.  I have my suspicions but nothing concrete yet……this was definitely a page turner and I have fallen in lust with Rafe.  He is just the perfect male….lol.
One thing for sure is, due to new circumstances Rafe needs to keep Brie safe and he doesn’t leave her side.  I have no clue who his “Boss” is but I have a feeling its gonna be a shocker not only as to who he is but what his real intentions are.  There are so many unanswered questions and naturally the 2nd book is left with another huge cliffhanger….I will definitely be patiently waiting for the next book!!

Christine (1)


While I hang my head, shame and remorse fill me. I promised to protect her. And what did I do? I let her down.

I should’ve known that it would end up like this. I should’ve seen it coming. Yet my mind was clouded as my days and nights—and, soon, my heart—were filled with her, and she was all I could see. I let my guard down, and this is where it got me. Where it got us.

I never got to tell her the truth.

I never got to tell her how I feel.

I will never forgive myself if I never get the chance.

And I will spend the rest of my days hunting the man who did this to her. When I find him, I will kill him.

Because for her? I’d do anything.


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Tessa Teevan

Tessa is a twenty something book junkie who loves creating books boyfriends as much as she loves reading them. Government worker by day, writer by night, she gets little sleep, but couldn’t imagine her life any less hectic. She lives just outside of Dayton, Ohio and has been married to her own book boyfriend for nine years.

If she’s not writing or looking through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find her curled up with my Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. Her other obsessions include red wine, hot men, country music, and all things Stone Sour.

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